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Track Trends On Twitter: How To Find Hot Topics Trending On Twitter

Track Trends On Twitter: How To Find Hot Topics Trending On Twitter

track twitter trends

Leveraging Twitter Trends With Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

Twitter changes on a regular basis as well as the tools we use to work with Twitter. This post WILL change and be updated on a regular basis so make sure to check back periodically!

If you haven’t realized that hashtags are here to stay by now, let me run some persuasive language your way and see if I can turn that perception around. Hashtags not only have been adopted by most major social media platforms because of their efficiency in aiding users to find content they are interested in, but they have also begun to insert themselves into our lexicon & culture as well. But you, you care about marketing right? That is why you are here. Well how bout a lil’ stat I like to throw out called “Tweets with hashtags receive 2x the engagement over posts that lack them.”

Some people feel like optimizing their hashtags looks “desperate” and is “spammy” which it totally can be. But writers and content marketers have figured out a way to optimize web content for SEO and include KW’s in the copy w/o always doing so at the determent of quality content and/or brand delusion.  In fact, we do this all the time in our smarter search marketing strategies. Like optimizing your content, optimizing your hashtags allows your content to be in the running for more eyeballs and increase the reach of said content. If you are serious about your social strategies, then you NEED to be optimizing your hashtags across ALL social media platforms you engage in.

Now for a history lesson: Twitter  was the one who introduced the idea of the hashtag on the digital world so it makes sense that they would be effective in searching for trends on twitter themselves. So effective in fact, that brands and marketers quickly found they could leverage hashtags as one of the best twitter trends tool to increase sharing and most importantly generate the almighty lead! Which when someone figures out how to generate leads , then the rest of the flock naturally follows. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and basically everyone else jumped on the hashtag  game because the power to find trending topics on twitter as well as other social platforms is the power to make freedom unit$.

You should have already dialed down and identified multiple hashtags that are relevant to your content and if you haven’t? then do it! (Get motivation here) Either way below you are going to find some  stellar ways that we here at Klicker stay on top of trending topics on twitter as well as all social media.


twitter trend tracker

What Is A Twitter Trend & What Does It Mean?


First off, why would you listen to what we here at Klicker have to say about twitter and marketing? Well besides having a whole slew of case studies showing results we’ve obtained partially with social media marketing but we have experience marketing across all sorts of spaces and business niches.

We’ve helped get the ball rolling with digital marketing for startups on multiple occasions and helped these startups grow into solid consistent business with a grundle of inbound leads serving as the their life blood. We’ve been really successful at law firm marketing and enabled multiple attorneys to open new offices because of the inbound leads we create. Saas marketing was our bread and butter in our early years and still one of our favorite niches to work in. One of our best spaces is plastic surgery marketing and we’ve had amazing results utilizing twitter for these businesses. We’ve been at this along time, were known as one of the best digital marketing agencies in san diego and digital marketing denver firms this side of the Mississippi.

In other words, we sorta know what we’re talking about.

Secondly, keep in mind that trends, specifically on twitter change rapidly. This is something you will want to be checking on the daily not just on twitter but on other social media platforms as well. Why? because a twitter trend isn’t always representative of a trending topic across the board, but more of a representation of a trend among active twitter users instead.

Most trends don’t trend across all social media platforms, so your social strategies should be creating content around trending topics specific to the social media platform you are targeting.

On twitter alone most trends change based on the location, time of day, industry as well as usually having a pretty short shelf life. So if you really want to capitalize on searching for twitter trends with your tool(s) set, be prepared to have the ability to churn out relevant content on a dime. That is the most effective way to get the biggest bang out of your buck.

So when researching twitter trends and mapping twitter trends to data and subsequently making decisions of the data, remember what this data actually represents so you can choose to create content with the best angle. Take into consideration what the trend means, what persona’s are interested and why, and lastly what type of content would be a value add to them? Most importantly when you do get engagement from this data inspired piece of rapid fire content, how are you going to funnel that engagement towards something monitizable tied to revenue?

Now all that being said, lets look at a quick introduction of the tools we use to discover trends on twitter, track track trends on twitter and graph trends on twitter.

analyse twitter trends

1.      Twitter Trends

Surprised that the number one tool is on twitter itself? Since twitter invented the hashtag its makes sense therethey were early to the game on creating a tool to allow users to find and track valuable twitter trends.

If you are on desktop/twitter’s website check out the column on the left side of the Home, Connect, Discover & Me pages. You will find the trends / discover section there. If you are browsing on mobile / using the twitter app then simply hit up the discover page.

How does twitter track it’s own trends? Unfortunately twitter will populate your trends feed based on who you follow and your location. So if you are looking for client trends in an industry you personally are not interested in, probably shouldn’t use your personal twitter account. Another tidbit to remember is Twitter uses an algorithm that focuses more on topics that are popular right this second as opposed to tracking twitter trends that are consistently popular over time. So if your creating a trending topic map with twitters own trending topic algo, then you will need to execute quickly on what you find. Furthermore don’t spend extensive time or resources on content based on Twitters trending topic algo because these trends are likely to die out quickly. If you are looking at creating more evergreen based content for trends that are consistently popular, then twitter search topics may not be the right tool for the job.


twitter trending topics list


2. Hashtagify.me

Hashtagify is a free tool built to search and track Twitter hashtags. It isn’t set up to easily track down the best trending topics on twitter overall, but as you build out your hastag lists, set up tracking and continue to do this over time…The tool gets more and more valuable. Make sure to create hashtag lists around all your client industries. The tool will populate each list with more ideas. Aggregate the best hashtags for each of your clients and set up tracking / alerts for hashtags you think would be a good fit to be actively  engaging in.

The tool slices and dices the trending topics on twitter data in a myriad of useful ways. You can input a desired hashtag and it will generate the top 10 related hashtags trending on twitter at that time. You can sort by top influencers this way as well. The tool also maps out twitter trends by usage patterns, popularity and growth. What I particularly like is being able to track growth over varied periods of times. When it comes to really nailing down which hashtags I wan’t to be all over, I like to pick hashtags that have consistent growth over time and create valuable content around those which I can then setup to automatically push when certain hashtags are used. This type of adaptable dynamic promotion is one of the biggest benefits social media can provide a company.


top twitter trends right now


3.      Hashtags.org

This tool is like the opposite of the internal twitter trending topic tool we listed as tool #1. Hashtags.org focuses mainly on popular topics by growth over time. These are your evergreen topics.

good twitter topics


These are the KW’s to SEO but in the social dimension. You would be a fool not to dive deep into research with this tool. If you are looking for top twitter trends right now….then this isn’t the tool for the job. But if you are looking for the most stable topics over time with the best influencers, then start your trip down the rabbit hole here. You shan’t be dissapointed.


recent trends on twitter


4.      Statweestics

Statweestics unique value proposition is that they track the top 500 hashtags in real time. How they define “top” is anybodies guess but you can sort the data by users, words, locations, sources and more. The neat-o part of this tool is you can track twitter hashtags in over 60 different languages as well. SO if your eye-ing some foreign hashtags, this is your tool.

twitter search trends


5.      Trendsmap

Trendsmap is an integrative map that does exactly what it sounds like it does. It tracks and creates a twitter trending topics map based on the input from the user. The tool claims to have multiple pre-skynet AI’s that digest and process over a claimed 80 million tweets a day. The tool then maps all the trending twitter topics to the locations they are trending in. The tool signifies increase or higher trends by making the map market bigger and darker. Simply click on a topic to expand that particular hashtags data and get more insight  for your nefarious marketing needs. Now go forth and  interrupt the eyeballs of america and sell them stuff!

Side note: Trendsmap will use your personal (or whatever account your logged into) twitter accounts profile settings to set your default location. Chances are you may want data on different locations? If this happens to be the case then simply create a new fake twitter account for the location you desire and bada bing bada boom! You are in business.


search twitter trend history


6.      Twazzup

Now we are starting to get into the area where tools become more and more similar. They do the same things with minor tweaks to data and/or user experience. Twazzup does basically the same thing as most of the tools but is specifically geared toward searching twitter trend history

The reason it scores a bit lower than the previously mentioned alternatives is the UI and overall experience is a bit rough around the edges. It feels like a tool from 2004, but provides data like a too in 2017

Also you have to be logged into twitter to use it. I found that slightly annoying but overall it is a more than capable tool for all your twitter trending topic needs.


Hashtrackingtrending twitter hashtags

7. Hashtracking

Opposite of the previous too, Hashtracking has a simple and elegant UI experience which I very much appreciate. The tool however has a more targeted use than all the previously mentioned ones. This is more to help you understand hashtags in relation to your brand and your target audiences. The idea is to instead of focusing on hashtags like they are KW’s, but to   rather target persona’s and meta-groups of people. The focuses is less razor but definitely more authentic. This is your evergreen go-to tool if you are carefully crafting a brand to be considered elite.

Putting It All Together

Our main method of using these tools is to compile a massive list of relevant trending topics on twitter as a seed list for content brainstorming ideas. Obviously the topics that are trending currently or are hot now, we give precedence too. Usually crafting a simple image tweet with a relevant quote to the topic and fire it off. We then lump the rest of the topics into categories and stack semantically similar as well as topics that are connected close by relevancy.

We then marry this with any overlapping SEO data and use this as the basis to brainstorm the content we would like to create. The format and how we execute t he piece of content is derived from the data at hand, but most of the time we create valuable written content with stick-able images for social media. This we get  content that resonates on the social level and gets exposure, but doubles as   content that can rank organically and draw in free traffic for the lifetime of the peice.

Creating good content with charisma is hard, make sure you extract as much value from each piece as possible. WE do this by making sure we can bake in any extended use across multiple platforms from step one.

Over time as you continue to create evergreen quality content you will find that you can tweet at people and re-use it when different hashtags trend over and over. The more content you have on your site, the better chance you may already have something in stock you can capitalize when the right hashtag is trending.

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