ClickCease Proprietary Content Process Allows Client To 100x It's Local Footprint
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Proprietary Content Process Allows Client To 100x It’s Local Footprint


Creating relevant, localized content at scale is a formidable challenge for businesses, especially those operating in various cities or regions across the country. This is a challenge that Klicker, an innovative marketing agency, has addressed with aplomb. They’ve devised a proprietary process allowing their clients to produce vast amounts of local-based content without compromising the uniqueness and readability of each page.
In this blog post, we’ll delve into the specifics of this groundbreaking approach, highlighting how Klicker has helped Uptown Puppies, a dog-breeding business, spread its wings across the nation by creating city-specific pages for all of its dog breeds. We’ll be using real examples from Uptown Puppies’ recent breed network expansions to illustrate this.

Klicker’s Proprietary Process for Local Content Generation

1. Understanding the Need for Localized Content
Before we unpack how Klicker’s ingenious process works, it’s critical to appreciate why local content generation matters. The digital landscape is oversaturated with generic, non-specific content. Consequently, businesses looking to engage their audiences in a meaningful way have to personalize their content. And what could be more personal than localized, area-specific content that speaks directly to a user’s needs and interests?
2. Klicker’s Approach to Localized Content Generation
Klicker has crafted an intelligent content creation process that marries automation with creativity. Leveraging data-driven insights and sophisticated content generation tools, Klicker can produce bulk content that is, nonetheless, tailored to each specific city or region. This method ensures that even while creating content at scale, every piece of content retains its uniqueness and is tailored to the intended local audience.

Uptown Puppies’ Nationwide Expansion with Klicker’s Process

1. The Concept of City Pages
To truly demonstrate the effectiveness of Klicker’s local content generation process, let’s examine its implementation for Uptown Puppies. To cater to a broad customer base across the country, Uptown Puppies needed to create city-specific pages for all its dog breeds. Thanks to Klicker’s process, they were able to achieve this goal efficiently, without sacrificing the uniqueness and readability of each page.
2. Uptown Puppies’ Breed Network Expansions
To showcase this further, let’s take a closer look at the specific breed network expansions for Uptown Puppies.

The Bernedoodle expansion page demonstrates the sophisticated localized content generation, with information tailored for Bernedoodle enthusiasts across various cities.

The Goldendoodle expansion is another stellar example of how content can be generated at scale while retaining a high level of readability and uniqueness.

Similarly, the pages dedicated to the Cavapoo, Labradoodle, Golden Retriever, Cockapoo, Labrador Retriever, Havanese, Pomsky, and Dachshund expansions are further evidence of Klicker’s successful local content generation strategy.


In an era of digital abundance, standing out requires an ability to connect with your audience at a personal level. Klicker’s proprietary process for local content generation has made this connection possible for Uptownpuppies, enabling it to expand its breed network across the nation while keeping its content unique and readable. Whether you are a business looking to scale your content creation or a marketer seeking to optimize your content strategy, Klicker’s local content generation process is worth considering.

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