Meet the Team.

The all-star marketing team you've always needed, but never had.

Sam Lloyd

Creative Superhero

Obsessed with digital marketing for the better part of a decade, Sam has evolved from designer and marketing manager at companies like Orange Soda and Qualtrics to branding maestro, creating timeless brands for both Klicker and our dozens of thrilled clients. The Ace up his sleeve? An uncanny knack for seeing the big picture, and what drives buyers from Point A to Point of Sale.

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Kade Call

Strategy Overlord

Tying the knot between intuition and data, Kade just makes things GO. With years of experience as a bad-to-the-bone SEO manager at top-tier companies like Vivint and Orange Soda, Kade is the force behind Klicker’s otherworldly SEO strategy that simply makes everyone else look like amateur hour.

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Nick Bandy

Wordsmith Prodigy

Nick is all about writing words that people actually want to read. On a mission to end robot-spun content and deliver unparalleled value to your potential customers, Nick writes like people talk...just without all the awkward pauses, and with a little more selling power.

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Omar Preston

Refined Socialite

Now that the marketing world is waking up to the true power of social media, it’s finally Omar’s time in the sun. Omar excels at cutting through the noise on social media, bringing back customers both old and new to your site through cunning campaigns that work so well, they feel like cheating.

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Michael Matthews

Coding Wizard

The difference between good and bad code is the difference between replacing your transmission with another transmission, and replacing it with a box of spaghetti. Michael keeps Klicker and our client sites running like clockwork, making them super easy for both you and your customers to use.

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Your Name Here

Our Next Superhero

What’s your story? Are you the world’s greatest marketing guru looking for a team of fellow all-stars? Are you fluent in PHP, an SEO master, or the greatest salesman to walk the face of the Earth? If so, we’re interested.

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The Process.

All killer, no filler... In as little as 6 months, you'll be getting 2x more leads, guaranteed.

Month 1 to 3


Tons of companies will say they can get you big results, but can they show you how? We can. Our methodology is based on years of fine-tuning and perfecting our digital marketing strategy, the end result of heaps of data and “Ah-ha!” moments collected from our greatest triumphs. Think of it as your little cheat sheet for marketing dominance.

Month 2 to 6


Endless planning is the enemy of results. You can’t collect data without getting your feet wet, and Klicker is all about getting results today, not tomorrow. The secret to doubling our clients’ leads is that we execute harder, faster, and better than the other guys, making adjustments on the fly instead of waiting for the “perfect” plan.

Month 6 to 12


Results aren’t good enough. The final step of your agile rollout is, well, not so final. Using the data we’ve collected and the lessons we’ve learned, it’s time to head back to square one—just a little older and wiser. Unlike other agencies, we don’t rest on our laurels. The first win leads to the next, and we’re just getting started.

What you'll get when it's all said and done is a super solid foundation, search traffic takeover from the competition, and a complete marketing system engineered from the ground-up to generate hot leads for your business. In short, we deliver a foolproof game plan to make your business more money. Period.

Our 4 Core Values


The Golden Rule.

The guiding light that never let's us down...

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated, both internally and externally. The only way we can make our clients thrive is by treating their businesses like our business. Instead of just focusing on how to do our jobs better, we focus on doing our jobs in a way that make everyone’s lives easier.


Bring the Party.

We show up at our best... Every. Damn. Day.

Doing our best work and giving our clients the best results means bringing our best selves, every single day, no excuses. We own our choices rather than deflecting blame or passing the buck. Happiness is contagious, boosts productivity, and doesn’t cost a thing—so why not enjoy what we do?



Grow or die, there is no in-between.

In the tech industry, if we aren’t constantly adapting and evolving, we die. Kaizen—the Japanese phrase for constant and never-ending improvement—sums up perfectly what we must do to survive. Every day provides opportunities for growth and progress... both as a company as individuals. Make it count.


The Bottom Line.

If it don't make money, it don't make sense.

At the end of the day, did we make something that matters? Did we create results? Good intentions don’t mean a thing if they don’t generate value for us and our clients. If it doesn’t deliver results, it isn’t worth doing. Delivering results means bringing ideas into existence.

9 Ways We Deliver


All-Star Strategy...

You’ll love it when our plan comes together.

To be blunt, Klicker is made up of marketing all-stars from every corner of the digital marketing world. We bring with us years of hands-on experience and expertise that you just don’t see anywhere else. The key to our success is our ability to build a truly forward-thinking strategy for other businesses, one that’s able to generate leads and win sales from Day One until the end of time.


...Backed By Action And Execution.

Plan, execute, iterate.

Marketing agencies tend to focus on the planning stage. They dream and dream, squandering your monthly fee on endless lunch meetings and coffee-fueled brainstorm sessions. Planning is important, but execution more-so. Klicker is all about taking action and using lessons learned from those actions to take bigger, bolder, better steps in the future. Say hello to proactive planning.


We’re A Marketing Team, Not An Agency.

There's a HUGE difference.

Hiring an agency is like hiring a factory—they'll plug in your unique business to their assembly line, like shoving a round peg into a square hole. Then they pray everything works out and, if it doesn't...well, tough. Working with Klicker is like hiring your own ace marketing department with a vested interest in your business, except a lot cheaper.


We're Full Service.

Doing marketing right means doing it all.

We aren't an SEO agency, a content mill, or a design firm. Klicker does everything it takes to make your website get more traffic, harness more leads, and win more sales. No single facet of digital marketing is enough to make your company a winner, and that's exactly why we do it all...but cheaper and better than those one-stop-shops.


Top Shelf Talent, Top Shelf Work.

Premium work without the premium price.

Klicker is not a sweatshop of minimum-wage tech interns. You don't chase greatness through outsourcing or dollar-per-hour freelancers. Our team is built from the best people we could find, across every spectrum of the marketing world. When you work with Klicker, you're calling in the big guns. Playtime is over.


Intimate, Lasting Relationships.

Our success depends on your success.

Klicker would crash and burn if we didn't take care of our clients' short-term and long-term needs, which is why we look after you just like businesses did in the good ol' days. We don't charge fat up-front fees for one-off services, because we've been burned by the same tactics in the past. The fact is, we're in this for the long run—just like you. By tying our compensation directly to results, we have as much skin in the game as you do.


We Test Drive Our Tactics On Side Projects First.

Klicker tested and approved.

Here's our little secret to success...the reason we get results so frequently and so quickly for so many different clients is because we're constantly working on our own side projects where we can hone our craft. That's right—we build and grow our own sites from the ground up, working out the kinks so we can deliver a complete, working system to our clients without any growing pains.


Agile, Iterative Marketing.

What’s better than sales? More sales.

Bigger profits are nice, but why stop there? Our agile marketing mindset means we view success as the foundation of greater success. Every move we make for your business generates data, and we use that data to zero in on marketing nirvana to make you the undisputed king of your niche. This is how all marketing teams would operate if they had a clue.


Real Experience, Real Results.

We walk the walk.

Klicker's system isn't a theory. It's very real and we've used these principles to hit grand slams for tons of clients already. Doubling traffic, tripling leads, quadrupling sales...these aren't fantasies when you work with Klicker. Unlike the spammy marketing emails you get every day from other agencies, we walk the walk and have the proof to back it up.

Double your leads.

No tricks, no scams. Let us examine your marketing efforts and figure out if it’s possible to double your leads. If we can't, we'll tell you.

Branding Breakdown

Get a full-blown branding analysis and find out how you stack up against the competition.

Website Inspection

Get a deep look at your site, and find out why it could be holding your business back.

Content Review

Get a complete review of your site’s content, and learn how and why you’re failing to reach the audience you deserve.

SEO Investigation

Find out if you’re targeting the right keywords, and discover what it’ll take to pull your site to the front of the pack for the most profitable search terms.

Conversion Checkup

Let us find the leaks in your conversion funnel, and find out just how many leads you could capture once those leaks are patched.

Social Audit

Figure out whether social media is right for your business, and how to shore up your social media campaigns to finally see results.

If we can't double your leads, we won't take you on as a client. It's that simple. Fill out this form and let's find out if Klicker’s next success story will be your next success story.