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— About Us —

We Do Marketing Better

When regular results just won’t cut it, you can always rely on us. Let’s win.

More traffic, more leads, more sales. Welcome to Klicker, where contenders become winners. Everyone knows that digital marketing is hard—especially for small businesses. Like you, we searched for an effective way to do SMB marketing online. It didn’t exist. So, we created it ourselves. Klicker is the team you can count on when you need massive results.

Our clients get everything they need to dominate online. That means comprehensive digital marketing services. ROI-centric, results-focused campaigns. Transparent, honest, weekly reporting. Passionate, top-tier marketing talent. Open door communication. In-house, battle-tested marketing systems. And of course, bigger results than your wildest dreams.

Meet the Partners

The Klicker partners have decades of combined experience making marketing magic for SMBs like yours. You won’t find top-tier talent like this anywhere else.

Sam founded Klicker in 2016. When you need a website and a brand that really converts, Sam's your man.

Kade cofounded Klicker. He's the guy who lands you tons of traffic from organic search and makes it look easy.

Nick loves words. He brainstorms and creates content that helps you win the hearts and minds of your customers.

Dan helps you dominate local search and Google Maps. He's also our mastermind of client coordination.

Bagdat puts your ROI on autopilot with killer PPC campaigns that target your ideal customers... and he does it in-style.

Nils manages Klicker's Authority Network, one of our secret weapons for winning amazing results for Klicker clients.

Klicker AWWWards

We’ve won a few awards for our marketing successes over the years. It’s nice to be recognized, but the real stories are the projects behind those rewards—businesses just like yours.

Klicker Values

Great results need more than just raw talent. We really live and breathe marketing. Our team members embody four key values that help steer the ship and keep us on track for success.

The Golden Rule.

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated. The only way we can make our clients thrive is by treating their businesses as if it were our own. Business is a team sport and the operating under the golden rule is fundamental.

Bring the Party.

Doing our best work and giving our clients the best results means bringing our best selves, every single day, no excuses. Happiness is contagious, boosts productivity, and doesn’t cost a thing—so why not enjoy what we do?


In today's business environment, if you're not constantly evolving, you die. Kaizen, the Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement, sums up perfectly how we not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing world.

The Bottom Line.

At the end of the day, did our efforts lead to real results? Good intentions and a smart game-plan doesn't mean anything until it results in bottom line value. Execution is everything.

Average Client Results

Our typical client results are anything but average. Take a look at our stats and envision your business enjoying massive gains just like these.


More Web Traffic / Month


More Web Leads / Month


More Web Derived Sales / Month

"Klicker is one of the most professional and easy to work with bunch of guys you’ll find, period. They make our marketing so effortless that I spend literally zero time thinking about it. We just get new cases, that's it.

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Darin W.

Attorney @ Glacier Law Firm

What You Can Expect with Klicker

Comprehensive digital marketing services

ROI centered, results focused campaigns

Transparent and honest reporting (bi-weekly)

Open door communication with clients

Passionate, top-shelf marketing talent

Strategy focused, execution obsessed

Proprietary processes

State-of-the-art marketing techniques

Continuous campaign improvements

Recent Victories

This is what peak digital marketing looks like. Have a look at our recent success stories and picture what it’d be like for your business to experience massive gains like these.

Ready for ROI?

Now accepting clients! If you're ready to win online, let's chat.