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The All-Star marketing team you've always needed.

7 Facts.

Fact #1

We grow businesses by creating everything it takes to generate leads online.

Fact #2

Everyone on our team is in their prime. Practice is over, and you get nothing but the best.

Fact #3

We’ve honed our skills on successful personal projects, so we know our methods work.

Fact #4

We’re the turnkey solution you’ve always needed—that means strategy and execution.

Fact #5

We build lasting partnerships. We’re with you for the long haul.

Fact #6

What you see is what you get—we replicate our own success for our clients.

Fact #7

We love coffee, fine California wine, comedy, dogs, and the song “California Gurls” by Katy Perry.


Iterative marketing: develop a winning strategy, execute that strategy harder and faster than anyone else, do it all again...but better.

Our process involves taking great results and making them greater and greater until your business is drowning in leads.


The golden rule.

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated, both internally and externally. The only way we can make our clients thrive is by treating their businesses like our business. Instead of just focusing on how to do our jobs better, we focus on doing our jobs in a way that make everyone’s lives easier.

Bring the party.

Doing our best work and giving our clients the best results means bringing our best selves, every single day, no excuses. We own our choices rather than deflecting blame or passing the buck. Happiness is contagious, boosts productivity, and doesn’t cost a thing—so why not enjoy what we do?


In the tech industry, if we aren’t constantly adapting and evolving, we die. Kaizen—the Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement—sums up perfectly how we survive. Every day provides opportunities for growth and progress...both as a company as individuals. Make it count.

The bottom line.

At the end of the day, did we make something that matters? Did we create results? Good intentions don’t mean a thing if they don’t generate value for us and our clients. Delivering results means bringing ideas into existence...and if it doesn’t deliver results, it isn’t worth doing!


The Klicker team is made up of high IQ, highly educated all-stars who all possess significant digital marketing experience. We're passionate about what we do.

Sam Lloyd


Obsessed with digital marketing for the better part of a decade, Sam has evolved from designer and marketing manager at companies like Orange Soda and Qualtrics to branding maestro, creating timeless brands for both Klicker and our dozens of thrilled clients. The Ace up his sleeve? An uncanny knack for seeing the big picture, and what drives buyers from Point A to Point of Sale.

Kade Call


Tying the knot between intuition and data, Kade just makes things GO. With years of experience as a bad-to-the-bone SEO manager at top-tier companies like Vivint and Orange Soda, Kade is the force behind Klicker’s otherworldly SEO strategy that simply makes everyone else look like amateur hour.

Nick Bandy


Nick is all about writing words that people actually want to read. On a mission to end robot-spun content and deliver unparalleled value to your potential customers, Nick writes like people talk...just without all the awkward pauses, and with a little more selling power.

Dan Ogden


With marketing experience for the better part of the last decade, Dan’s sky-high business IQ, entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving skills make him a huge asset to any team lucky enough to have him. Luckily for us (and our clients), he's ours.

Omar Prestwich


Now that the marketing world is waking up to the true power of social media, it’s finally Omar’s time in the sun. Omar excels at cutting through the noise on social media, bringing back customers both old and new to your site through cunning campaigns that work so well, they feel like cheating.

Michael Matthews


The difference between good and bad code is the difference between replacing your transmission with another transmission, and replacing it with a box of spaghetti. Michael keeps Klicker and our client sites running like clockwork, making them super easy for both you and your customers to use.

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