Our mission...

We're a results-driven digital marketing boutique, and we execute full-scaled digital marketing campaigns that generate serious, measurable ROI.

Klicker exists to help free small and medium-sized business executives from the gigantic time and money sink that is digital marketing. Clients love us because we eliminate the distraction of winning new leads, letting you focus purely on what you do best.

Our leadership...

Klicker’s leadership is a team of absolute all-stars and experts in all things digital marketing, each bringing their own set of unique talents to the table. The secret to our success, put simply, is our ability to attract and retain top-flight talent.

Sam Lloyd

Role: Creative Director

Obsessed with digital marketing for the better part of a decade, Sam has evolved from designer and marketing manager at companies like Orange Soda and Qualtrics to branding maestro, creating timeless brands for both Klicker and our dozens of thrilled clients. Sam possesses an uncanny knack for seeing the big picture, and what drives buyers from Point A to Point of Sale. sam @ klickerinc.com

Kade Call

Role: Marketing Manager

Tying the knot between intuition and data, Kade just makes things GO. With years of experience as a bad-to-the-bone SEO manager at top-tier companies like Vivint and Orange Soda, Kade is the force behind Klicker’s otherworldly SEO strategy that simply makes everyone else look like amateur hour. When you want to take a shortcut to the top of the search results, this is your guy. kade @ klickerinc.com

Nick Bandy

Role: Content Specialist

Nick is all about writing words that people actually want to read. On a mission to end robot-spun content and deliver unparalleled value to your potential customers, Nick writes like people talk...just without all the awkward pauses, and with a little more selling power—these are words that translate to measurable results for you biz. nick @ klickerinc.com

Dan Ogden

Role: Campaign Manager

With marketing experience for the better part of the last decade, Dan’s sky-high business IQ, entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving skills make him a huge asset to any team lucky enough to have him. Luckily for us (and our clients), he's ours—and he’s going to make sure your next campaign runs like clockwork. dan @ klickerinc.com

Michael Matthews

Role: Developer

The difference between good and bad code is the difference between replacing your transmission with another transmission, and replacing it with a box of spaghetti. Michael keeps Klicker and our client sites running like clockwork, making them super easy for both you and your customers to use. mikee @ klickerinc.com

Omar Best

Role: Designer

Omar gives Klicker and our clients awesome logos and incredible graphics like a marketing Picasso. Klicker’s graphics are worth more than a thousand words, and have captivated and impressed visitors and wooed prospects for years. omar @ klickerinc.com

Our values...

Our process...

Iterative marketing: develop a winning strategy, execute that strategy harder and faster than anyone else, do it all again...but better.

Our process involves taking great results and making them greater and greater until your business is drowning in leads.

YOUR results...

Klicker is built on the belief that when we make our clients more successful, we also become more successful. Stop wasting time with marketing agencies who are ready to throw your business under the bus, and get ready to taste sweet victory with us.

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