Klicker is a digital / inbound marketing agency in San Diego California.

Win online.


We're a results-driven San Diego digital marketing boutique.

Klicker delivers serious ROI to our clients by building full-scale marketing campaigns, helping you dominate the competition with more traffic, more leads, and more sales than you could ever imagine. That’s our guarantee, and you can take it to the bank.

Digital Marketing Agency San Diego

What we build.

Everything it takes to dominate digital marketing in San Diego.

Content, branding, search, design...with us, you get everything it takes to dominate online. Our clients can expect comprehensive marketing ecosystem that will open the floodgates to a steady supply of hot leads—fully automated and hands-off. Just take a look.

Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego

How we operate.

Talent-stacked marketing teams, complete marketing systems.

Our marketing teams are stuffed with talent, bring you the most optimal skills and experience to build the marketing systems you need to thrive. Our teams are agile and quick, getting your business better results faster than anyone else.

Inbound Marketing San Diego


Results are everything. Winning is all our clients know.

No matter the industry or location, we help our clients reach the top—fast. Take a look at some of our most recent client results reports and find out for yourself why our partners tend to renew their contracts year after year.


Common digital marketing questions...

Why do 99% of business fail at internet marketing San Diego

There are countless reasons—poor advice, flawed execution, bad planning. But most businesses fail at digital marketing because it’s a full-time job—by the time you’re a proficient marketer, you might as well quit your day job and work at a marketing agency.

Do you do social media?

Although we used to use social media a lot, nowadays we only trust paid ads on social platforms. That’s because (after extensive testing) we’ve found that your marketing dollars are better spent on other endeavors.

I notice your web projects all have a certain look, what’s behind that?

Much like a Porsche features design elements that have been refined for years, Klicker’s sites have undergone a similar iteration and evolution. The end result is a design philosophy that just works and delivers results.

Will inbound marketing work for my business?

For a majority of business out there, inbound marketing will deliver way better results than other traditional marketing methods. Not every business is a good fit for inbound, but we don’t take on clients unless we’re positive we can get them results.

How can I know you guys are legit? I’ve been scammed by other digital marketing agencies in San Diego and gotten no results.

Sadly, this is all too common in the marketing world. Modern digital marketers are about as loved as car mechanics, often profiting from confusion (and even lying outright). We’ve built our success on reputation and quality work, and we have the happy clients to prove it.

Do you work with HubSpot?

If you’re already using HubSpot, we have no problem with using your old system. With that said, we’ve discovered our own systems that usually work better for our types of projects—we’ll help you weigh your options and pick the best setup for your business.

Klicker reviews.

Clients love us because we keep our promises.

When our clients are successful, Klicker is successful. That mindset has translated to countless keywords ranked, consultations booked, forms filled, brands refined and dollars banked. People love us because we treat your business just like it’s our business.

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*Actual Client Reviews

inbound maketing agency reviews

Doubled my leads.

"Klicker did EXACTLY what they said they would do... they doubled my leads and made it look easy."

- Dave Majeroni

Majeroni Ortho

digital marketing reviews

Klicker gets results.

"The Klicker team is amazing. I consider their talent and approach a core competency of Davis Sanchez."

- Jacob Hill

Davis & Sanchez

klicker reviews

New cases flowing in.

"Our firm went from handling a trickle of new cases to barely being able to keep up with the workload in just half a year."

- Mark Naugle

Monument Immigration

Start winning.

The majority of Klicker clients are enjoying a monthly ROI of 5x or more. That's the power of digital marketing done right. Are you ready to start winning online?

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