ClickCease Glacier Law pulls 8x increase on form fills in 2 years
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September 9th Results Report

Glacier Law pulls 8x increase on form fills in 2 years

📄 Client quick facts:

Montana-based general practice law firm with 3 attorneys

Particularly seeking more personal injury cases, but without alienating other clients

Wanted to capture leads from all over Montana, not just locally

Klicker service package: Foundations

In just 2 years, we increased our client’s online leads by eight times.

8 times the leads in 2 years 📈

When Glacier came to us in 2020, they had a very clear goal—capture more leads online, both from form fills and web-based phone calls.

Klicker redesigned their site from the ground up, building landing pages for each location and niche the firm desired to target.

“Klicker just gets us leads. What more can you ask for?”

-Alex Evans, Glacier Law

By ranking them for all of the keywords that mattered most to their firm, Glacier managed to pull off an impressive 8x increase on form fills for potential cases in just two years.

If you don’t stand out, someone else will 🏆

We understand the reality of getting results for our clients.

With Foundations, your site will be your #1 salesperson delivering your best sales pitch, 24/7/365.

“Form fills are way up, looks a lot higher than we expected. We’re all really happy right now. Just keep doing whatever you’re doing, because it’s working.”

-Alex Evans, Glacier Law

At the end of the day, leads are what drives your business forward.

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