ClickCease Davis & Sanchez still breaking records after 3 years with Klicker
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September 8th Results Report

Davis & Sanchez still breaking records after 3 years with Klicker

📄 Client quick facts:

Utah workers compensation attorneys

One current office, with plans for expansion

Primarily wanted more web-based leads to fuel their business

Klicker services packages: Foundations, Traffic Takeover

We continue to set new marketing milestones for Davis & Sanchez after 3 years working together.

No cutting corners. No excuses. Just results. 📈

It’s common for clients to change marketing teams every few years, since that’s usually enough time to realize when something is or isn’t working.

“We’ve worked with a few marketing agencies over the years but Klicker is the best by a mile. Every few months we’re still setting new highs with calls, form fills, etc.”

-Hal Davis, Founder @ Davis & Sanchez

We’re proud of our client retention rate, and we’re also proud to keep helping Davis & Sanchez reel in the leads after more than 3 years together.

Even now, our client regularly sets new all-time highs for traffic and leads per month.

We do the work. You get the rewards. 🤝

Our secret to success is keeping the clients we have, and keeping our clients means keeping them happy.

“The reason we’ve stuck with Klicker for so long is simple—they keep delivering results. Klicker is always trying to drive us new business, even though we’ve been incredibly successful already.”

-Hal Davis, Founder @ Davis & Sanchez

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