ClickCease Immigration firm triples revenue and size in 3 years
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September 12th Results Report

Immigration firm triples revenue and size in 3 years

📄 Client quick facts:

Immigration attorney with national aspirations

One-man show in 2018 when he hired Klicker

Had an OK site and metrics from previous marketing agency, but wanted more

Klicker service packages: Traffic Takeover, Lead Loop

Klicker fuels a local immigration attorney with leads to drive huge growth.

3 years, 3x the size 💪

After 3 years of Klicker managing our client’s marketing ecosystem, they had nearly a dozen extra staff to help with cases and expanded to two new locations in the Southwest.

“Us opening those new offices would not have happened without you guys. [Klicker] accelerated our expansion plans beyond any of my wildest expectations.”


Ranking nationally for dozens of valuable immigration lawyer SEO terms, our client went from servicing a handful of local clients every month to dozens of clients throughout America.

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“Klicker helped us grow so fast that we had trouble keeping up.”


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