Let's be great.


Klicker is growing. We're looking for people who get it. People with high energy, passion, talent and drive. People who are highly skilled and want to join a young, hungry team where they can make a big impact. People who get it also LOVE challenges. They love the growth, and the rewards that come from being the best, creating the best, and working with the best.

Specifically, we are on the hunt for coders, web designers, writers, search marketing experts, and branding gurus with an entrepreneurial spirit. Around here, every day matters. Every day you're expected to bring your best self and contribute your best ideas and your best work. We have the highest standards for everything we do.


The golden rule.

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated, both internally and externally. The only way we can make our clients thrive is by treating their businesses like our business. Instead of just focusing on how to do our jobs better, we focus on doing our jobs in a way that make everyone’s lives easier.

Bring the party.

Doing our best work and giving our clients the best results means bringing our best selves, every single day, no excuses. We own our choices rather than deflecting blame or passing the buck. Happiness is contagious, boosts productivity, and doesn’t cost a thing—so why not enjoy what we do?


In the tech industry, if we aren’t constantly adapting and evolving, we die. Kaizen—the Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement—sums up perfectly how we survive. Every day provides opportunities for growth and progress...both as a company as individuals. Make it count.

The bottom line.

At the end of the day, did we make something that matters? Did we create results? Good intentions don’t mean a thing if they don’t generate value for us and our clients. Delivering results means bringing ideas into existence...and if it doesn’t deliver results, it isn’t worth doing!


Ready to join the revolution? Shoot us an email, show us your passion and previous work, and let's talk.

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