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Klicker Services: Traffic Takeover

Win the Google Game

Your perfect prospect is searching for what you offer... are you showing up?

Competitors are stealing your traffic.

If you don’t show up, someone else will.

Competitors beating you on Google?

Traffic Takeover starts with figuring out why the competition is beating you. From there, we game-plan how to take their spot at the front of the line. When it's all said and done, you're winning the Google game.

Wish you could get in front of more prospects?

The good news is, there are plenty of prospects looking for what you offer. With Traffic Takeover, we put you in front of them. Get ready for organic, local, and paid search success.

Need more profitable web traffic?

With Traffic Takeover, we position you in front of searchers proactively looking for what you offer. These searchers are just a few short steps away from becoming leads. Get ready for growth.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Get ready for organic, local and paid search success.

Legal Marketing Online Agency

Google Local


If you’re a local business, your perfect prospect is right around the corner. Can they find you? With Traffic Takeover, we pin your business to the top of the Map — leapfrogging the competition so you show up first.

average client results:


Map views / month


Website visits / month


Phone calls / month

Marketing Agency for Law Firms

Google Organic


Searchers with intentions to buy are looking for what you offer. Are you showing up? With Traffic Takeover, we discover the keywords that generate the most revenue — then build everything it takes to position you at the top of the list.

average client results:


Organic traffic / month


Page 1 kewords


Organic traffic value

Top Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency

Google Paid

Win Google Paid

With paid search, we can place you at the top of Google by tomorrow. Question is, will it generate ROI? Our paid search campaigns pull your perfect prospects at the perfect price — guaranteeing fast, sustainable business growth.

average client results:


Campaign ROI


Conversion rate


Click throughs

Every business is unique. What generates ROI for one might not work for another. Whether you need organic, local, paid — or all of the above — we’ll build a campaign that’s right for your business. With Traffic Takeover, get ready to show up in front of prospects searching for what you offer — no matter where they’re searching.

Google Local

Here’s how we’ll pin you to the top of the map.

1 Profile optimizations

Google Local success starts with your Google My Business profile. We combine Google’s best practices with our industry expertise to ensure your profile ticks all the boxes ensuring you have a chance to climb.

2 Schema markup

Schema is special code. It speaks to Google to ensure your local profile gets seen. Because we’re Schema experts, your profile will always be in good standing with Google Maps.

3 Citation building

Citations are when another site mentions your business. More citations (from good websites) means more love from Google. We’re pros at getting your site recognized across the web.

4 Review generation

Google Maps loves reviews. Getting great reviews is harder than it looks, but we make it easy. We’ll set your business up with the right system to win 5-star reviews from customers.

5 Continuous upgrades & expansion

Google likes seeing updates to your business profile. Many agencies neglect posting new statuses and pictures, but not us. Keeping your profile fresh means staying a step ahead of your competitors.

5 star digital marketing agency

We went into our initial meeting with Klicker hoping to double leads within a year. After 6 months, we were more than 2.5x the leads already and the results just kept getting better and better. Do yourself a favor and hire Klicker ASAP!

Dr. Majeroni

Majeroni Orthodontics

Google Organic

Here's how we position you at the top of the list.

1 Competition comparison

We’ll discover everything your competitors are doing online—what they’re doing well, and what they’re doing poorly. With these insights, we’ll begin planning your road map to help you win the rankings you deserve.

2 Buyer-focused keyword strategy

Keyword strategy shouldn’t be a wish list. It should be a concrete plan. Our organic search campaigns start with discovering keywords that generate the most ROI. Knowing which keywords to target is the start to your organic search success.

3 Content development strategy.

We’ll create a blueprint of all the content your business needs to rank for the best, most profitable keywords. These pages and posts are your secret weapon for taking over the traffic that you deserve.

4 {code} modifications

The Google Bot needs to see that your website was built correctly. We implement any and all code modifications necessary for your site. Plus, we input keywords in all the right places so Google knows exactly how to rank you.

5 White-hat link acquisition

We’ll acquire backlinks to your business from vetted sites only. Unlike many other “link building” strategies, we aim to keep your site in Google’s good graces. That means consistent, long-term rankings with no fear of penalties.

6 Keyword & content expansion

Once our initial campaign has succeeded, we’ll continue expanding your site to capture new locations and niches. With each new iteration, your site will conquer a bigger and bigger piece of your market.

5 star digital marketing agency

Started last year with barely any web traffic...Klicker took us from a ghost town to a feeding frenzy in less than a year. Now, our website is one of the most important parts of our law firm.

Lawrence R.

Blackwell Ruiz Law

Google Paid

Here’s how we’ll ensure you get paid search ROI.

1 Keyword Strategy

We’ll pick the most profitable keywords for your business, making sure your paid ads get more bang for your buck. Our paid search campaigns are designed to pull your perfect prospects at the perfect price.

2 Audience Targeting

Targeting the right audience is just as important as creating a great ad. We’ll focus your campaign on your ideal prospects—meaning fewer wasted resources, better leads, and faster ROI.

3 Visual & Copy Assets

We’ll build you the ideal landing page for your campaign. With targeted copy and compelling visual assets, your landing page will make you the clear choice for visitors to contact.

4 Campaign Buildout

We’ll fully map out your paid ad campaign based on your budget and goals. With a concrete plan in place, we’ll know exactly how to adjust your ads on the fly for maximum results and minimum waste.

5 Budget & Performance Monitoring

Monitoring your campaign performance lets us adjust your ad spend up or down, depending on how many leads you’re getting. Without measuring, many businesses end up paying way too much for far too little.

6 Iterations & Ongoing Improvements

Ad campaigns aren’t static. We’ll adjust your campaigns on the fly depending on your results and your changing business goals. That attention to detail is why our clients get guaranteed ROI with paid search.

5 star digital marketing agency

We were pretty close to abandoning our digital marketing campaigns because they just weren’t bringing in leads. Klicker changed our tune within months—now we’re so busy with new leads that we had to hire extra help.

Dr. Jones

Cascade Surgery

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