Double your leads.

If we can’t double your leads, then we won't take you on as a client.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your small or medium sized business was sitting at the top of your niche as the undisputed champion? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier if your company was getting hammered with twice as many leads as normal?

That’s the before-and-after scenario so many of our clients have been through after working with us. And no, you don’t need to be a marketing guru, you don’t have to go insane working with unresponsive and incompetent marketing agencies, and you don’t have to sell your firstborn to afford an in-house marketing department. Klicker has the leads-gen puzzle down to a science and it's easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Doubling leads isn't rocket science... it's 3 simple steps.



Get your site and brand selling 24/7.

Start out with a rock-solid foundation, and let’s get selling NOW instead of waiting until later. Your business’ foundation is made from a clear brand identity, a honed sales pitch, and a smooth, easy-to-use site that represents your business to a T. Our goal is for customers to recognize the value you deliver in an instant.


Traffic Takeover

Attract lucrative traffic to your site.

Your digital storefront is up and running. Now it’s time to attract potential buyers. Our traffic takeover uses superior search strategy to win new traffic and stand shoulder to shoulder with your competitors, sending visitors to premium, value-adding content that people actually want to read.


Clicks to Customers

Convert visitors to leads.

With a constant stream of traffic, it’s time to start selling. Using automated email and social campaigns to stay in front of prospects as much as possible, we plant the seed in their minds that YOUR business is the one to choose once they’re finally ready to buy. That means leads, leads, and more leads.

The Skill Stack.

6 Skills, 1 Plan, 2x the leads... Guaranteed.

Brands that don’t stand out don’t even stand a chance. If we can’t communicate immediately and effectively exactly what value you provide to your customers, you might as well be invisible. We’ll help your brand stand head and shoulders over the competition, making you the clear choice when it’s time for customers to pull out their wallets.

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It’s time to give your site the facelift it deserves and transform it into your #1 salesman. After a Klicker makeover, your website will deliver your sales pitch around the clock, 24/7/365, meeting, greeting and persuading visitors without even taking a lunch break. Klicker sites are built to influence, authoritative, responsive, and incredibly user-friendly.

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Search marketing is so powerful because it gives your prospects exactly what they desire—your business. It also gives your business exactly what you desire—more leads. But to unseat your competition and beat them at their own game, we’ll need smarter strategies and better tactics. Profitable traffic, here we come.

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Get ready to rank and bank with charismatic content designed for both humans and robots. Klicker’s content uses strategic, powerful words to hit your customers right in the gut. We build authority, solve problems, and answer their most burning questions to get prospects hooked and shoot you up the search rankings.

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Know how many nudges it takes to guide prospects in the right direction? 6 to 8. Without those interactions, generating viable leads is nearly impossible. So let’s automate it. Klicker will develop value-packed offers and automate their delivery to your growing email list, reinforcing your sales funnel as we prepare for a flood of leads.

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Once upon a time, social media was a huge waste of time for businesses. Not so much anymore, especially after we’ve spent countless hours coming up with a proven strategy to milk social media marketing for all it’s worth. It’s time to make your biz likeable, shareable and clickable—it’s time for Social that Sells.

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Our Skill Stack is greater than the sum of its parts. The secret to the success we’ve won for our clients (over and over again) is when each of these six components works together in perfect harmony. Branding, design, search, content, email automation and search marketing...the perfect storm of digital marketing that WILL double your leads.

How We Doubled Dr. Jones Sales by Fixing 5 Massive Marketing Mistakes.

In this free PDF you'll learn exactly what Dr. Jones was doing wrong with his digital marketing and how we fixed it. The results? 2X more sales. Guaranteed to give you inspiration and insights for your business.

Leads, leads, leads.

Better marketing = bigger profits. We're making it rain for our clients. Here's proof.

10X more leads for Uptown Puppies

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4X more leads for Humless

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4X more leads for Aluvii

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6X more leads for Dr. Trenton Jones

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3X more leads for Davis & Sanchez

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Trenton Jones

Owner @ Cascade

connecticut labradoodle puppies for sale

We've run a successful practice for a long time now, despite never having any real success online. Partnering with Klicker changed everything. We're getting more leads than I know what to do with. Last month was our best month of all time!

Greg Heaps

CMO @ Aluvii

connecticut goldendoodle puppies for sale

I just took an inbound call that came in from a Google search (Klicker's work). The prospect found us today and called us immediately. We did a demo on the spot, which we typically don't do. Closed the deal - fastest deal we've ever done. These leads are HOT!

Jacob Hill

Operations @ Davis & Sanchez

mini goldendoodle puppies for sale in connecticut

Our law firm never really had much success online. Klicker straightened us out immediately. Within 3 months we started seeing a huge boost in leads. The leads are red hotand have been the fuel we've needed to expand our practice with a new office.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you REALLY double my business' leads?

Yes, we can. Klicker regularly doubles, triples, and quadruples leads for our clients. These are real clients with real businesses, not fake foreign companies you won’t be able to find on Google.

But to find out if we’d be a great fit, the time to act is now. Every day, your competitors are taking more and more of the traffic you rightfully deserve. Get in touch with us below, and let’s start getting you leads as soon as possible.

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How long will it take?

Every project is a unique challenge, and that means our timeline differs slightly depending on what needs to be done. But we guarantee our clients that we can double leads in 6-12 months, and here’s what we’ll be doing to make that happen:

Strategy: month 1-3

Superior planning, all derived from our years spent finding out what works and finding out how to make it better. We put in the work already—just sit back and enjoy.

Execution: month 2-6

Less talking, more doing. Klicker executes better and faster than anyone else as we continue to chase results right now, not tomorrow.

Iteration: month 6-12

After hitting our goals, it’s right back to the drawing board to keep refining your marketing plan. Our work is never done, so we hope you don’t get sick of all these leads.

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How much does it cost?

The only way we can charge a fair price and still deliver the best results possible is to tie our compensation to our performance. The better results we get for you, the more money your business makes, and the more money we make.

Our clients also tell us that we charge roughly 10% what other agencies charge. Hopefully that sounds good to you.

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Got any reviews?

"Look for a San Francisco digital marketing agency? Look no further, Klicker is the best in the city."

"San Francisco lead generation agencies and Klicker are one and the same!"

"Marketing agencies in San Francisco are all mediocre, except Klicker. They are the GOAT!"

Double your leads.

No tricks, no scams. Let us examine your marketing efforts and figure out if it’s possible to double your leads. If we can't, we'll tell you.

Branding Breakdown

Get a full-blown branding analysis and find out how you stack up against the competition.

Website Inspection

Get a deep look at your site, and find out why it could be holding your business back.

Content Review

Get a complete review of your site’s content, and learn how and why you’re failing to reach the audience you deserve.

SEO Investigation

Find out if you’re targeting the right keywords, and discover what it’ll take to pull your site to the front of the pack for the most profitable search terms.

Conversion Checkup

Let us find the leaks in your conversion funnel, and find out just how many leads you could capture once those leaks are patched.

Social Audit

Figure out whether social media is right for your business, and how to shore up your social media campaigns to finally see results.

If we can't double your leads, we won't take you on as a client. It's that simple. Fill out this form and let's find out if Klicker’s next success story will be your next success story.