Klicker is a digital / inbound marketing agency in Salt Lake City Utah.

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We're a results-driven Utah digital marketing boutique.

Klicker builds fully scaled marketing ecosystems for our clients that deliver serious, bottom-line ROI. Our mission in life is to help your business achieve its full potential by harnessing more traffic, winning more leads, and closing way more sales than you thought possible. That we can guarantee.

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What we build.

Everything it takes to dominate Utah digital marketing.

Branding, design, content, search...with our team, you’ll get the best and nothing but. We build complete marketing systems for businesses like yours that are designed to open up the floodgates to hot leads—hands-free and effortlessly. Just take a look...

Utah Digital Marketing Agency

How we operate.

Talent-stacked marketing teams to suit your unique needs.

Our digital marketing teams are filled with MVPs that give you the best expertise and experience to help you dominate online. Klicker is efficient and lightweight, winning you faster, better results than any other agency out there.

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Results are everything. Winning is all our clients know.

From niche to niche and coast to coast, our clients share one thing in common—reaching the top of the food chain with our help. Take a peek at some of our most recent results reports and you’ll discover why our partners tend to renew their contracts year after year.


Common digital marketing questions...

Why do 99% of business fail at internet marketing in Utah?

There are tons of reasons—lack of strategy, poor execution, following bad advice, etc. But one of the biggest reasons why many business owners fail at digital marketing is because it’s a full time job that most professionals just don’t have time for.

Do you do social media?

We did, but not anymore. That’s because (after years of experimentation) we discovered that most social media marketing efforts are just a waste of time. While we do still run paid ads on social media, usually your time and energy are better spent elsewhere.

I notice your web projects all have a certain look, what’s behind that?

Much like your favorite high-end car has telltale design elements that have been refined for years, our site design has followed a similar route. What you see now is the result of that evolution—design that just works.

Will inbound marketing work for my business?

Inbound marketing works very well for a majority of businesses, usually delivering results that put other marketing methods to shame. Curious if inbound is right for you? Then get in touch ASAP for an objective marketing analysis and let’s find out.

How can I know you guys are legit? I’ve been scammed by other digital marketing agencies in Utah and gotten no results.

If so, then you’re like many of our current clients. Sadly, modern marketers are like yesterday’s car mechanics, profiting from a lack of awareness and outright lies. Our success is built on long-term relationships and quality work, and our clients prove it.

Do you work with HubSpot?

Over the years we’ve developed our own systems that we’ve found to work better than HubSpot, but we’re happy to continue working with your old platform if you desire. We’ll help you analyze the benefits of each method and make the right decision for your business.

Klicker reviews.

Clients love us because we keep our promises.

We win when you win. That mindset has translated to tons of keywords won, pages written, brands built, consultations booked and customers gained. You’re going to fall in love with Klicker because we’ll treat your business like our business.

5 Star Utah Digital Marketing Agency

*Actual Client Reviews

inbound maketing agency reviews

Doubled my leads.

"Klicker did EXACTLY what they said they would do... they doubled my leads and made it look easy."

- Dave Majeroni

Majeroni Ortho

digital marketing reviews

Klicker gets results.

"The Klicker team is amazing. I consider their talent and approach a core competency of Davis Sanchez."

- Jacob Hill

Davis & Sanchez

klicker reviews

New cases flowing in.

"Our firm went from handling a trickle of new cases to barely being able to keep up with the workload in just half a year."

- Mark Naugle

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Lehi, Utah 84043

(800) 216-6903

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Start winning.

The majority of Klicker clients are enjoying a monthly ROI of 5x or more. That's the power of digital marketing done right. Are you ready to start winning online?

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