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August 25th Traffic Takeover

How we pin our clients to the top of Google Maps

⌛ Cliff Notes

70% of consumers prefer to see local ads and take action on them

Most businesses aren’t doing local search correctly

Our clients average 255% more phone calls directly from Google Maps

We reveal how to pin your business to the top of Google Maps—even if you’re new or you’ve never done marketing before.

Customers are right around the corner 🌎

Winning Google Maps means winning more customers. Did you know…

  • 72﹪of people who do a local search will visit a local business within 5 miles
  • 88﹪of people who use local searches on their phone will call or visit a business within one day
  • 70﹪of consumers prefer to see local ads and are more willing to take action on them
  • 92﹪of local searchers will pick businesses they see on the first page

When you search for competitive and lucrative keywords, the first page is crowded with “special” results that typically overshadow organic results. Sometimes, nearly the entire page will be paid ads, featured snippets, and of course, maps.

If you’re a local business, local search should be a cornerstone of your digital marketing. Local dominance means more customers. It also means better customers. We crush local search because it’s what our clients need to win online.

Dan Ogden

Local Director @ Klicker

Corner a crowded market with local search 🧭

Get discovered, get customers. It’s simple. Here’s everything you need to do to dominate Google Maps.

  • Profile optimizations
  • Schema markup
  • Citation building
  • Review generation
  • Continuous updates

How do we know? Because it’s how we dominate Google Maps for all of our clients.

Profile optimizations 👌

Your local business profile is your foundation. We build your backend profile perfectly according to Google’s best practices and our industry expertise.

We eliminate mistakes that others overlook. No mistakes means quicker results, less wasted money and your business listing rising to the top.

Schema markup 🗺️

Schema is special code. It speaks to Google to make sure your local profile gets seen.

Because we’re pros at schema markup, you’ll always be in good standing with Google Maps. Maximum visibility means maximum exposure to new customers.

Citation building 🔨

Another site mentions your business? That’s a citation. The more citations you have from good sites, the more Google rewards you.

Citation building is often overlooked (but not by us). We’re really good at it, and we ensure your business is cited across the entire internet.

Review generation ⭐

Google Maps loves reviews. Getting great reviews is harder than it seems…but we make it look easy. We’ll set your business up with all of the systems and software you need to get more reviews and better reviews from your customers.

The end result? Even more customers.

Continuous upgrades 📈

Google loves to see updates to your local business profile. New pictures, new statuses…these are overlooked by many agencies.

We keep your profile fresh. That means staying one step ahead of your competitors.

Started last year with barely any web traffic…Klicker took us from a ghost town to a feeding frenzy in less than a year. Now, our website is one of the most important parts of our law firm.

Lawrence R.

Founder @ Blackwell Ruiz Law Firm

What kind of results can you expect from local search? 📍

Our clients get mind-blowing results. More map views, more website visits, more phone calls per month… a lot more. All because we do local right.

Klicker’s clients get an average of:

  • 375% more maps views per month
  • 150﹪ more website visits per month
  • 255﹪ more phone calls per month

Just take it from our clients.

Klicker is one of the most professional and easy to work with bunch of guys you’ll find, period. They make our marketing so effortless that I spend literally zero time thinking about it. We just get new cases, that’s it.

Darin W.

Attorney @ Glacier Law Firm

What exactly do you get with Klicker Local? 📌

We do whatever it takes to move your business to the top of Google Maps:

  • ROI centered, results focused campaigns
  • Transparent, honest, bi-weekly reporting
  • Continuous upgrades to your local profile and campaign
  • Elite, top-shelf marketing talent
  • In-house, proprietary processes
  • Perfectly optimized, fine-tuned local search campaigns
  • More, better customer reviews
  • Open door client communication
  • Total local search dominance

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Still wondering how we can move you to the top of Google Maps so quickly?

1. Why is Klicker the best local SEO marketing agency?

Easy. We have a lot of experience with local search campaigns. That means we know what actually works (and what doesn’t). We focus on what gives your business the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time.

2. What are the keys to dominating Google Maps?

Our local search campaigns are based on a few key pieces. We build optimized local profiles. We execute schema markup. We build citations across the web. We get your business better reviews. And most importantly, we’re always improving your profile.

3. Why isn’t every local business doing this?

A lot of agencies and business owners still underestimate local marketing. They think of it as an afterthought. The truth is that Google Maps is necessary for local businesses, not a “luxury.” We take it seriously and get serious results.

4. How will I know what’s going on with my marketing campaign?

We all know someone who’s been burned by absentee marketers. Us too. Our team is big on communication. We do weekly reports to keep you up-to-date on your local search campaign. And, our door is always open for communication.

5. Do you only do local search?

As a local SEO marketing company, we build everything you need to win online. For local businesses, local search is a big part of that. We also build websites, develop brands, create content, optimize organic and paid search, drip marketing, email campaigns and re-marketing.

6. What kind of results can I expect from the top local SEO agency?

Our “average” client results are excellent. 375% more map views. 292% more local leads. 115% more web-based sales. These kinds of numbers are what local businesses dream of. We make it a reality. Some even call us “the best local SEO company.”

7. What kind of businesses do you work with?

Our type of marketing works perfectly for small and medium businesses. Our clients include lawyers, dentists, orthodontists, surgeons, startups and more. Are you a local business? Want more sales? You’re our kind of client.

8. What exactly is Klicker Local?

Local search is a specific type of digital marketing. Any physical business that needs face-to-face interaction with customers should be using local search. Klicker Local is the best way to dominate Google Maps, period.

9. What’s Klicker’s marketing process like?

We operate in three phases to get you more traffic, more leads, and more sales online. That means making you show up, making you stand out, and making you seal the deal. Everything we do helps you win online. No fluff. No filler.

10. What will “dominating Google Maps” look like for my business?

Anyone who claims to be the top local SEO company needs to help you win. Dominating Google Maps means getting more of everything. More views, more leads, more customers. We’re not happy until you’re crushing every single metric for digital marketing success.

Winning online starts now.

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