ClickCease Klicker wins small businesses big results with organic SEO
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August 25th Traffic Takeover

Klicker wins small businesses big results with organic SEO

⌛ Cliff Notes

78﹪of searchers ignore paid ads and choose to click on organic search results

Most businesses (and many legacy marketing agencies) aren’t doing SEO the right way

It’s not uncommon for us to 10x our clients’ organic traffic value

Prospects are searching for you right now. They’re ready to buy. But are you showing up fading away?

Rank higher, get buyers 📈

Showing up for profitable keywords is a modern day gold mine for businesses. Here’s why:

  • 68﹪of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 80﹪of major purchases start with online searches, even if the purchase happens in-store
  • 85﹪of people perform some type of online research before making a purchase online
  • 78﹪of searchers ignore paid ads and choose to click on organic search results

Nowadays you cannot compete without Google. You play by Google’s rules or you don’t play at all. Bad news for most businesses, great news for our clients. We know what makes Google tick. And we know how to get you ranking for keywords that drive sales.

Kade Call
Co-founder @ Klicker

Here’s how our approach to SEO is better 🎯

Rank higher. Get more customers. Leverage our expertise and win the Google game like dozens of our clients with:

  • Competition comparison
  • Buyer-focused keyword strategy
  • Content development strategy
  • Code modifications
  • White-hat link building

Competition Comparison ⚖️

We’ll take a complete look at everything your competitors are doing online—what they’re doing well, and what they could be doing better.

We’ll use those insights to give you the EXACT road map you need to beat them and dominate your niche.

Buyer-Focused Keyword Strategy 🗝️

Most marketing agencies don’t dive deep enough with keyword strategy. They give you thousands of “wish list” search terms that only look good on paper.

We use profit potential instead—keywords that actually impact your bottom line and drive sales.

Content Development Strategy 📝

We’ll create a blueprint of all the content your business needs to rank for the best, most profitable keywords.

These pages and posts are your secret weapon for taking over the traffic that your competitors are enjoying right now.

{code} Modifications 💻

Title tag and meta changes are easy. These are “bare bones” adjustments that any agency can do. We raise the bar with Schema markup.

Schema is special code that “speaks” to Google. And, it’ll give your site some essential Google love (that translates directly into better rankings).

Powerful White-Hat Link Building 🔗

Google updates their search algorithm constantly. We build powerful white-hat links to your business that’ll make you future-proof.

That means long-term gains and nonstop wins without worrying about the next big Google shakeup.

We’ve been with Klicker for over 5 years. Before we got very little results online. Now, our website is one of the most important parts of our law firm. If you’re looking for real results, I highly recommend Klicker.

Jacob H.
Operations @ Davis & Sanchez Law Firm

What kind of results do Klicker’s clients get? 💪

More page-one rankings. More leads. More customers. Our clients can expect a lot more of everything from Klicker Organic:

  • 415﹪More organic traffic per month
  • 375﹪More first page keywords
  • 995﹪More organic traffic value

We went into our initial meeting with Klicker hoping to double leads within a year. After 6 months, we were more than 2.5x the leads already and the results just kept getting better and better. Do yourself a favor and hire Klicker ASAP!

Dr. Majeroni
Owner @ Majeroni Ortho

What goes into a Klicker Organic campaign? 💰

We plan and execute everything you need to rank higher than your competitors and snatch away their leads.

  • ROI centered, results focused campaigns
  • Transparent, honest, weekly reporting
  • Buyer-focused keyword strategy
  • Elite, top-shelf marketing talent
  • In-house, proprietary processes
  • White hat links only
  • Full organic competitor analysis
  • Open door client communication
  • Total organic search dominance

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Wondering whether we can boost your search rankings by a lot or by a ton?

Why is Klicker the best organic search engine marketing agency?

Easy. We have a lot of experience with organic search campaigns. That means we know what actually works (and what doesn’t). We focus on what gives your business the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time.

What are the keys to dominating Google?

Our organic campaigns are 0% fluff. What is domination? Full competitive comparison. Combining a buyer-focused keyword strategy with an efficient content development plan. Going beyond bare bones code tweaks. And, sticking to clean, white hat link building.

Why isn’t every business doing this?

Most businesses and agencies “get” a couple aspects of organic search. But nowadays you can’t get by with a couple pieces. You have to do everything right. The businesses dominating your niche get it. Luckily, we get it too.

How will I know what’s going on with my organic campaign?

Lack of communication is a killer. We’ve all been burned before, us included. We value transparency. We’re also big on frequent communication. We do weekly reports to keep you updated, and our door is always open.

Do you only do organic search?

Nope! We build everything you need to dominate online. For small and medium sized businesses, that also means website and brand development, content creation, local and paid search, email marketing, re-marketing, and drip marketing.

What kind of results can I expect from the best SEO digital marketing agency?

415% more organic traffic per month. 375% more page-one keywords. 995% higher organic traffic value. These are our “average” client results. Our clients love being “average” with us. You will too.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Klicker Organic is designed with small and medium businesses in mind. Current clients include dentists, lawyers, orthodontists, surgeons, startups and more. Are you a small or medium sized local business who wants more sales? Let’s chat.

What exactly is Klicker Organic?

Organic search is all about “natural” results. Domain authority, user relevance and links power organic search results. Klicker Organic helps your business grow as fast as possible. We get you organic results without that “natural” wait time.

What’s Klicker’s marketing process like?

Organic search is part of our Phase One marketing strategy to help you get more traffic. Phase Two = more leads. Phase Three = more sales. Start to finish, we help you win more online. No filler, no fluff. Many call us the best SEO internet marketing agency around.

What will “dominating Google Search” look like for my business?

We help you win online. Winning means crushing your competitors on Google. With us, you’re going to sap views and clicks from your competitors. You’re going to climb the search rankings. And, your site is going to be more profitable than ever before.

Winning online starts now.

Let's talk about how to grow your business with inbound marketing.

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