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December 29th Insights

Leverage the power of PPC for more immigration clients

⏳ Cliff Notes

PPC is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your immigration firm

Paid ads have the potential for massive ROI when done right, and huge waste when done wrong

Klicker’s PPC process can start getting you results almost immediately

With paid search, the best digital marketing agencies can put you at the top of Google…tomorrow. But will that actually generate ROI? Let’s find out.

How do I get more immigration clients with PPC? 🖱️

Paid search campaigns should be part of any immigration lawyer’s plan to takeover traffic from the competition. But too many firms are doing PPC incorrectly — or not at all.

What is PPC? 💭

With PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, immigration firms have the opportunity to pay a fee to place ads in prominent search engine results and on preselected websites in exchange for clicks from potential clients.

PPC: only pay for the clicks you get.

Paid ads are ideal for those seeking quick results, or hoping to reach a large, relevant audience in a cost effective way.

That’s because, as the name implies, you only pay when a prospect clicks your ad.

Why should immigration lawyers be using paid advertising? 🤔

Because paid ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to market your law firm online.

Some of the benefits of PPC for immigration lawyers include:

  • Target specific demographics for ultra-qualified leads
  • Much lower cost compared to television, radio, or billboard ads
  • Track performance over time

But if paid ads are such a silver bullet for immigration firms, why isn’t everyone enjoying success with PPC?

Why isn’t every firm getting results with PPC? 📉

That’s an easy question to answer. Although PPC has the potential for great ROI, the opposite also holds true — with the wrong plan, law firms can rapidly drain their ad budget and get zero results.

So, what makes the difference between massive ROI and an empty wallet?

How do Klicker’s paid ad campaigns work for immigration lawyers? ⚙️

Our paid search campaigns pull your perfect prospects at the perfect price — guaranteeing fast, sustainable business growth.

Here’s how we’ll ensure you get paid search ROI.

1. Keyword strategy

We’ll pick the most profitable keywords for your firm, making sure your paid ads get more bang for your buck. Our paid search campaigns are designed to pull your perfect prospects at the perfect price.

Our strategy means the difference between getting zero new cases…or getting huge results.

2. Audience targeting

Targeting the right audience is just as important as creating a great ad. We’ll focus your campaign on your ideal prospects—meaning fewer wasted resources, better leads, and faster ROI.

3. Visual & copy assets

We’ll build you the ideal landing page for your campaign. With targeted copy and compelling visual assets, your landing page will make you the clear choice for visitors to contact.

4. Campaign buildout

We’ll fully map out your paid ad campaign based on your budget and goals. With a concrete plan in place, we’ll know exactly how to adjust your ads on the fly for maximum results and minimum waste.

5. Budget & performance monitoring

Monitoring your campaign performance lets us adjust your ad spend up or down, depending on how many leads you’re getting. Without measuring, many businesses end up paying way too much for far too little.

6. Iteration & improvement

Ad campaigns aren’t static. We’ll adjust your campaigns on the fly depending on your results and your changing business goals. That attention to detail is why our clients get guaranteed ROI with paid search.

What kind of results can immigration lawyers expect from paid ads? 📈

Not to brag, but we get our clients outstanding results with paid ads…

  • 325% campaign ROI
  • 6.35% conversion rate
  • 2.29% clickthrough rate

Law firm lands 474% boost in PPC traffic with Klicker

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Our clients love the way we do paid ads. Why?

Well, that 6.35% conversion rate is more than double the industry average.

When you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start getting real ROI with PPC, contact us immediately. We’re going to help you win online with the power of inbound marketing.

Winning online starts now.

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