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β€’ December 15th β€’ Insights

How to create a marketing strategy for an immigration law firm

βŒ› Cliff Notes

Your firm must show up first in local, organic and paid search results

Your firm must stand out by demonstrating more value than the competition

Your firm must seal the deal with more leads using automated follow-up

Show up, stand out, seal the deal — winning online for immigration firms can really be that simple.

How to create a marketing strategy for immigration lawyers 🌎

If you’re an immigration lawyer, then your law firm probably depends on leads. And the best place to get leads is online.

Immigration lawyers are lucky. As a local business, you can take advantage of Google Maps. But because you can assist immigrants from anywhere in the United States — and around the world — you can cast a wide net, too.

When done correctly, inbound marketing for immigration lawyers is almost foolproof for getting hot leads. All your firm needs to do is:

  • Show up in front of relevant searchers using Google local, paid, and organic search
  • Stand out from your competitors with a website built to convert
  • Seal the deal with a higher percentage of leads using automated follow-up

All of the traditional digital marketing practices you’ve heard about fall into one of the categories above — SEO, web design, drip marketing, blogging, the list goes on.

Your immigration marketing strategy must revolve around getting hot leads. Here’s how we run inbound marketing campaigns for our clients that win great results, every time.

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Show up in front of interested searchers πŸ”Ž

Your perfect prospect is searching for what you offer. The question is, are you showing up?

If your law firm isn’t showing up, another one is. And usually, that means your competitors are stealing your traffic.

As an immigration law firm, you have multiple opportunities to show up in front of interested prospects:

  • Local search
  • Organic search
  • Paid search

Google Local πŸ“

Regardless of whether your clients are coming from down the street or around the globe, your business has an edge in your local market because of your physical office address.

Local search for immigration firms leverages your office’s physical location to show up first in Google Maps, making you a top choice for anyone nearby looking for immigration assistance.

Google Organic 🌱

Google’s organic search results are still among the most trusted and most clicked links for prospects who want to hire an attorney.

The problem is, winning organic search for immigration firms takes time — law-related keywords are notoriously competitive to rank for.

Ranking organically means taking a hard look at your competition, finding out where they’re beating you, and building the right search strategy — coupled with relevant content — to rank for the keywords that matter to your prospects.

Google Paid πŸ’°

Is paid search for immigration lawyers worth it?

Absolutely. The reason most law firms fail with paid ads is because they aren’t targeting the best audience or sending the best message.

Speaking from experience, Google Paid Search is one of the best ROI-producing marketing tools available to law firms today.

Why should every immigration firm get serious about search marketing? πŸ’­

Because search marketing opens the floodgates to potential clients. Ask yourself…

  • Are your competitors beating you on Google?
  • Do you wish you could get in front of more prospects?
  • Do you need more profitable web traffic?

Our Traffic Takeover service package solves all of these issues and wins back the traffic you deserve.

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Stand out from the competition πŸ†

Standing out from the competition means building a website that converts visitors into red-hot leads, 24/7/365.

Your website is made up of messaging and design elements that deliver your sales pitch, show value, and build trust with potential clients. It also directly supports your search strategy.

And, you have to do all of these things better than the competition.

Here’s exactly what we’ve found make up a winning website:

  1. Sales pitch
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Site map strategy
  4. Google master plan
  5. Brand messaging
  6. Content development
  7. Graphics & imagery
  8. Tech integrations
  9. Mobile optimizations

It might look like a lot, but these are all necessary to build a site that really converts.

1. Sales pitch development 🧠

Your website must say the right thing to the right people at the right time, influencing prospects to contact your law firm.

2. Competition analysis πŸ€”

To stand out, you first have to figure out what your competitors are doing well, what they’re doing poorly, and how to do it better.

3. Site map strategy πŸ’‘

You need to build out the right pages and posts to attract and win clients. Every piece of content you develop should have a clear purpose.

4. Google master plan πŸ€–

Every page and post you produce should either convert or pull traffic, working together with your search strategy to succeed.

5. Brand messaging 🎀

Every word on your site should communicate value and authority. Leave visitors with a positive impression that makes them want to hire you.

6. Content development πŸ–ŠοΈ

You should continue to produce any piece of content you believe reinforces your sales pitch — or makes Google fall in love with your site.

7. Graphics & imagery πŸ–ΌοΈ

Don’t overlook imagery when building your site. Picking the right graphics can make or break your sales pitch.

8. Tech & tool integrations πŸ”§

Truly optimal sites utilize a suite of tools to make the most out of their marketing campaigns. These can include email automation tools, Google Analytics, Typeform, or dozens of others.

9. Mobile optimizations πŸ“±

More people browse the web on their phone than on a desktop. Your phone must look great on every device.

Why should every immigration firm get serious about their website? πŸ’­

Your website has the potential to win you new clients while you sleep, and that’s no exaggeration. Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re tired of not getting enough leads
  • You wish your current leads were more qualified
  • You think your competitors look more impressive online

These are problems our clients used to face all the time, but we’ve solved them with Foundations — creating websites for immigration lawyers built to sell.

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Seal the deal with automated follow-up 🀝

Automated follow-up lets immigration firms close even more leads. How? By reinforcing your sales pitch —Β  over and over — until contacts are ready to schedule a case evaluation.

Lead follow-up is critical because most people who contact your law firm aren’t 100% ready to call you — but lead follow-up can pull them away from competitors and towards you instead.

Three important tools for immigration firms looking to boost their lead-to-sale rate are:

  • Drip marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Re-targeting / re-marketing

Drip marketing πŸ’§

Handling leads rapidly is crucial. Waiting an hour when your competitor follows up in 5 minutes will cost you a case.

Drip marketing handles your leads automatically with email follow-up so you’ll never miss an opportunity.

Email campaigns πŸ“§

If you have an old list of contacts, they’re by no means “dead.”

By distilling your sales pitch into a series of emails, you can reach out to old contacts and rekindle interest in your firm.

Re-Marketing ♻️

Re-marketing ads can maximize your traffic value.

Say someone visits your site for help with a green card application, but they don’t contact you immediately. With re-marketing, you can continue showing this prospect ads — giving your sales pitch a second chance.

Why automate lead follow-up? πŸ’­

Because we’re all busy, and we all forget to follow up with leads from time to time.

Automating your immigration lead follow-up takes one more factor out of the equation. Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re sick of cold leads
  • You wish your leads were better qualified
  • You aren’t closing as many leads as you’d like

Every immigration firm can benefit from automation. Lead Loop is our system for boosting lead-to-sale close rates for our clients, and it works exceptionally well for attorneys.

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Immigration lawyer marketing checklist ✏️

This is the blueprint we follow to win results for our clients.

1. Determine ideal clients πŸ™‹

Think about the type of case you prefer to handle most.

Is it easy and lucrative for you to handle green card applications? Do you love helping refugees? Are you adept at processing business visa applications?

Once you know the answer, work backwards to determine who your ideal client is.

For example, if you regularly handle K1 visa applications, you may realize that your typical client is male, aged 25-45.

This is valuable information to have for any marketing campaign.

2. Set goals and budget 🎯

Do you want more cases? Do you want more of a certain type of case, and less of another? Do you want to expand your business and target additional geographical areas? Are you trying to specialize in immigration law after working in other practice areas?

Once you’ve determined how many leads you want per month, you can start to estimate how much money it will cost to land those leads.

3. Analyze your top competitors πŸ’‘

Whether you’re ranked #1 on Google or #50, there’s always valuable knowledge to gain from competitor analysis.

Discover what your competitors are doing well, and do it better.

Discover what they’re doing poorly — or not doing at all — and use it as an opportunity to give prospective clients what they want.

4. Create brand messaging and sales pitch πŸ“„

Your business isn’t about you. It’s about your clients.

That means your brand messaging and sales pitch have to clearly communicate exactly what you do to help your clients.

Deliver the right message to the right audience, and you’ll start to get results online. It’s that simple.

5. Build your website focused on getting leads πŸ’»

Your website is a vehicle to deliver your sales pitch and get leads. Because of that, your site must provide prospective clients exactly what they need — nothing more, and nothing less.

The perfect immigration lawyer website is easy to navigate, unobtrusive, quick to load, and flows smoothly from the beginning of each page to your CTA.

Whenever a prospect lands on your site — whether they’ve clicked on a paid ad or are looking for information in a blog post — you should be delivering exactly what the prospect is searching for.

6. Initiate long-term organic search strategy 🚦

Ranking for organic keywords takes time. Building your website with organic rankings in mind from the very beginning is the only “shortcut” to reaching the front page of the search results.

You should always build pages to target specific keywords in your overall search strategy. For example, an immigration attorney in Chicago might have pages built to target:

  • Chicago immigration lawyer
  • Chicago green cards
  • Cook County immigration lawyer
  • Etc.

Every “bucket” of service and location combination relevant to your bottom line can live on its own page for search purposes.

Also worth noting is that keywords are not all created the same. Prospects search for different terms depending on where they are in the buying cycle.

For example, how likely are you to convert prospects with the following search queries?

  • What is a green card? (very low)
  • How long does it take to get a green card? (low)
  • How much do immigration lawyers charge for green card applications? (medium)
  • Best green card lawyer near me (high)

Are low buying intent, informational keywords useless? No. But you must adjust your search strategy depending on which keywords you want to target.

7. Establish a local search campaign with Google Maps πŸ—ΊοΈ

For local businesses like law firms, Google Maps has become indispensable for winning new clients.

Google highly values local search results. The “Map Pack” features prominently in search results, above even organic rankings in many cases.

Correctly setting up your Google My Business profile is the first step in launching a local search campaign, and it’s where every law firm should start.

8. Launch paid ad campaigns 🧲

Paid ads appear at the very top of Google’s search results. And despite the fact that paid ads are clearly labeled “ads,” people still click on them.

And why?

Because Google doesn’t list just anyone in its paid search results. Google’s paid ads have an impression of being “vetted” compared to advertisements elsewhere online.

Many law firms abandon paid search campaigns because you can quickly waste thousands of dollars on failed ads if you aren’t careful. But by targeting the right people and delivering the right message, you can actually get rapid ROI.

9. Develop content to support your marketing goals ✏️

Content is the backbone of your site. Every page you create must have a purpose.

  • Does it deliver information?
  • Does it build your brand?
  • Does it answer common questions?
  • Does it act as a landing page for a paid ad?
  • Does it function as an “SEO” page for specific keywords?

Every law firm’s content plan will look different. When you develop content for your own firm, ask yourself first…

What is the point of this page, email, or video script?

At the end of the day, your content should be supporting your marketing goals and helping you get leads.

10. Engage on social media πŸ“£

Many law firms either don’t use social media, or aren’t using it correctly.

It’s true that social media marketing can be a waste of money…but done right, social ads can be just as lucrative as Google paid search.

The principles for creating ROI-generating social ads are similar to Google Paid — target the right audience with the right message.

11. Measure, analyze, iterate πŸ”Ž

You must measure your marketing campaigns.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Peter Drucker

Without tracking money spent, clickthrough rate, average time-on-page, and dozens of other statistics, there’s no way you can troubleshoot existing campaigns and improve future ones.

Should immigration lawyers hire an inbound marketing agency or DIY? πŸ€”

That depends. Ask yourself:

  • Does my business depend on leads?
  • Are people actively searching for what I offer online?
  • Do I have the time to learn digital marketing while I already work a full time job?

As an immigration lawyer, the answer to the first two questions is most likely “yes.”

Immigration attorneys could always use more leads, and there are almost always people searching for immigration lawyers — no matter where you practice.

How our client got 10x the traffic in two months

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You probably also answered “no” to the last question.

Marketing is a full-time job. It takes specialized teams with diverse skill sets to build successful campaigns — meaning decades of combined experience.

Klicker builds everything you need to grow your immigration firm with inbound marketing πŸ”₯

As a lawyer, you don’t have the time to learn web design, SEO, content writing, and the dozens of other pieces that make up the marketing puzzle.

β€œI can’t believe how fast we started getting new cases.”

Carlos Lorenzo, Founder @ Lorenzo Law Group

If you’re like most immigration lawyers, your firm could really benefit from working with an experienced inbound marketing team. Luckily, we routinely win incredible results for immigration law firms around the country.

Klicker’s system fits perfectly with immigration firms. Contact us right now, and let’s talk about how we can help your firm win online, too.

Winning online starts now.

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