ClickCease Attorney marketing: what still works in 2024?
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January 2nd Insights

Attorney marketing…what still works?

⏳ Cliff Notes

Digital marketing delivers incredible results for lawyers…

…but only when done right

Klicker does law firm marketing right

Lawyers, are you overwhelmed by marketing options? Just want to know what works and what doesn’t? Then give us ten minutes, and we’ll tell you everything you need to win online.

Attorney marketing…what works? 🤔

For most law firms, digital marketing is what works best. Digital marketing relies on attracting traffic, turning traffic into leads, and converting leads into sales (new cases).

Here are the core components your marketing system must include for maximum success:

  • A sturdy digital foundation — your website
  • A steady supply of traffic from multiple search streams
  • A system for automatically responding to hot leads and nurturing not-so-hot leads

Until the way prospects search for lawyers online undergoes some kind of radical change, these three core components of marketing are must-haves if you want results online.

Foundations — lawyer websites built to convert 🖱️

Your website is your digital hub and foundation. The ideal website looks great on both desktops and phones, loads quickly, and shows authority. But most importantly, your website needs to deliver your sales pitch and convince visitors to contact your firm.

Learn about our method for building legal websites that actually get new clients

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The three hallmarks of a solid website are:

  • Visuals: Graphics, color choices, structure, font, etc.
  • Content: Messaging, length, punctuation, tone, etc.
  • Performance: Mobile-optimized, load speed, security, etc.

Does building a great website and writing persuasive content still help you get legal leads? You bet they do.

Traffic Takeover — win the Google Game 🤖

Yes, “SEO” still works. But your competition is fiercer than ever before.

Almost every firm has some basic understanding of search strategy nowadays, but the firms nailing SEO are reaping the rewards.

Find out how Klicker dominates Google and makes lawyers show up in front of interested searchers

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The three main pillars of search nowadays are:

  • Organic: Ranking your website “naturally” in Google’s core search results
  • Local: Ranking on Google Maps as a local business with your physical address and reviews
  • Paid: Ranking for well-built, relevant ads above even local and organic results

Unlike before — when organic results were all you had to get traffic — you now have alternatives. Organic takes time to grind out results, local search is somewhat complicated to figure out yourself, and paid ads require a steady cash flow. But they all work, and work very well.

Lead Loop — automated follow-up ⚙️

Contrary to popular belief, not every contact you receive by email or phone is going to be a new case. But that doesn’t mean the rest of your leads are worthless.

Lead “nurturing” bridges the gap between hot leads and duds, and you’d be surprised just how many cases you’re missing out on by giving up too early.

Discover how we automate lead follow-up for new case overload

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Follow-up is best automated, meaning setting up an email system to automatically respond to new contacts. For contacts who don’t schedule a case evaluation right away, you can easily put them on an effortless, pre-built email track to nudge them along until they either:

  • Become your new client, or
  • Unsubscribe

So, what works? What’s the best way to automate your outreach and follow-up as a lawyer? You have:

  • Drip campaigns: Sending contacts a pre-built series of emails with offers, links to blog posts, etc. over a period of time
  • Re-Targeting: Displaying ads to your visitors who didn’t reach out (on other websites)

You can even create email campaigns for old contact lists to reignite the conversation, or to past clients in order to ask for referrals.

Attorney marketing FAQ 📄

Still have questions about law firm marketing? We have answers.

What are the best legal marketing services?

The best legal marketing services are the ones that consistently deliver results. That means more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Right now, the best legal marketing services are:

  • Web design
  • Content marketing
  • Organic search
  • Local search
  • Paid search
  • Email marketing
  • Re-Targeting
  • Social media ads

What is the best marketing strategy for an attorney?

The best attorney marketing strategy is one that incorporates all of the core components of a modern marketing campaign. Your strategy must position you in front of interested prospects, demonstrate more value than your competitors, and seal the deal with as many contacts as possible.

That usually means dominating search, winning over prospects with an elite website and content, and automating your lead follow-up in a way that lets you field more hot leads and fewer cold leads.

What is best online attorney marketing site?

Klicker is the best around when it comes to helping lawyers win online with digital marketing. Our average client results are:

  • 579% more traffic
  • 292% more leads
  • 115% more web-derived sales

ROI with Klicker is some of the best you can get when marketing a law firm. Contact us now, and let’s get you some real results.

Winning online starts now.

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