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January 3rd Insights

Why should a lawyer use internet marketing? Let’s ask our clients.

⏳ Cliff Notes

Digital marketing offers more benefits than traditional marketing with fewer drawbacks

Marketing your practice online gets more traffic, more leads, and more sales

Clients love Klicker because our ROI is through the roof

Lawyers, are you wondering why your colleagues are raving about their digital marketing success? Let’s ask our own clients why they’re loving life with Klicker.

Why should a lawyer use internet marketing? 💭

Why should lawyers use digital marketing? There are dozens of reasons. We asked our clients why they prefer digital marketing to traditional channels, and some of the most common responses were:

  • Getting more leads
  • Being able to track results
  • Building more trust with potential clients

These are just a handful of the responses we received. Lets’ examine them (and 6 more reasons) in depth.

1. Build trust and credibility 🏗️

To make legal inbound marketing successful for your business, it’s essential to build trust and credibility.

Building trust means easier conversions.

Create engaging content that highlights the expertise of your law firm through blog posts or white papers — this establishes a connection with potential clients and provides valuable information about their inquiries.

Not only does advice-driven material foster goodwill towards you, but also helps strengthen relationships from lead prospects into long term customers; making sure those leads convert effectively!

2. Save money on advertising costs 💵

Are you a lawyer looking for ways to get your practice noticed? Inbound marketing is here to help.

It’s an effective, proven method of increasing visibility and generating higher returns than traditional methods — like billboard ads or TV spots!

Klicker’s marketing methods work much better for us than the old way of taking out bus stop ads and billboards. We’ve been able to expand twice since hiring Klicker.

Hal Davis, Founder @ Davis & Sanchez

Put simply, it’s cheaper to make content that speaks directly with clients instead of large-scale media advertisements. Take advantage today by creating targeted materials clients are sure to read up on – your law firm will thank you later!

3. Get more web traffic 🚦

Driving web traffic is essential for the success of your business — you’ve got to get noticed.

Get noticed by the people actively searching for your business.

But it’s not only about being visible; there are tons of potential customers actively searching online with a need that matches what your product or service has to offer.

By generating and capitalizing on this ready-made pool, you can unlock exponential opportunities in growth: as well as outshining competitors!

After all, more visitors mean extra chances to shine bright and make an impact.

4. Land more online leads 🎣

Lawyers need leads that are ready and willing to use their services — not just prospects who might hire them in the future.

Digital marketing is your chance of ensuring those quality leads come directly to you instead of taking up valuable time searching for them out there yourself.

Lead quality is way up since hiring Klicker. We’re wasting a lot less time on prospects who would never realistically become our clients.

Carlos Lorenzo, Founder @ Lorenzo Law Group

Maximize efficiency by optimizing your website’s ability to attract high-caliber clients, making sure all of our hard work pays off!

5. Get better online leads 💰

As an attorney, you don’t just need clients — you need qualified leads. So how do you keep your marketing strategy current and effective?

Get hot leads, ready to become new clients.

Inbound marketing!

It’s a surefire way to amp up those client numbers without leaving the office — converting inquiries quickly into real-world results.

With inbound strategies done right, not only will more potential customers come knocking – they’ll be quality ones too!

6. Get more referrals 💬

Having a successful digital marketing strategy can help open the door to an excellent stream of referrals.

Investing in client acquisition online equates to expanded opportunities for organic word-of-mouth growth — which is key when it comes gaining new business!

7. Make your life easier 😄

Do you really want to juggle two jobs? Marketing your law firm and helping your clients at the same time just isn’t feasible.

Reap the rewards, with zero work.

Digital marketing makes our clients’ lives easier because they can focus on what they do best — being elite attorneys.

Leave the elite law firm marketing to us.

8. Track and measure your success over time 📈

Utilizing inbound marketing empowers attorneys to capture and measure the effectiveness of their strategies, providing actionable analytics that can help optimize success.

By leveraging data such as views, clicks, and conversions you are no longer left wondering if your campaigns were effective — now you have evidence!

I really appreciate having access to a reporting dashboard for our firm’s campaign whenever I need it. Other agencies didn’t keep me updated regularly like Klicker does.

Alex Evans, Founder @ Glacier Law Firm

The results-driven approach provided by inbound marketing is a must for any lawyer looking to maximize returns on their investments.

9. Get better ROI 🚀

Investing in digital marketing is a no-brainer for small and medium law firms, especially when compared to outdated methods like advertising on billboards.

ROI doesn’t get any easier than this.

With the money you’d spend at bus stops going towards Google ads instead, your return of investment can be staggering.

Why settle for traditional outbound techniques when you have online opportunities that could skyrocket business growth?

With digital marketing, ROI just got a whole lot easier…almost effortless.

Hire Klicker for maximum marketing benefits 🏆

Many of our clients have tried digital marketing before, but failed to see results. Why? That’s because they:

  • Tried “DIY” marketing, or
  • Hired the wrong law firm marketing agency

All of our clients saw their results skyrocket after hiring Klicker. If you want to see the same powerful results, contact us today — we’re here to help you win online.

Winning online starts now.

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