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Top 50 Alternative Search Engines

Top 50 Alternative Search Engines
Advanced and Alternative Search Engines

Use the three biggest players for simple general search: Google, Yahoo, Bing

If privacy is your major concern, check out DuckDuckGo and Gibiru

For specific content needs try specialized images, documents, and social media search engines

People are always willing to try powerful search engines other than Google. Despite Google’s monopolistic approach, the search engine industry is in the growth stage and there are new search engines appearing every month. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most advanced and alternative search engines on the Web.

So what is a search engine, exactly? A Search Engine is a software program that enables users to search for information online. The three biggest players on the US search engine market are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

At first glance, it might look like there is no room for other players, but in fact, there are many alternative search engines that stand out due to their highly diversified search features and socially conscious outlook on search.

Alternative search engines can help you identify the next topic for your blog, discover industry communities and monitor company mentions online.

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Anyway now that we got that out of the way, moving forward!

Here is our curated 50 alternative search engines list:

General Internet Search Engines

Search is a crowded space filled with all types of search related software, so let’s start with some standard search engines first:

1. DuckDuckGo
DuckDuckGo cares about your privacy, so they won’t store any personal data and unlike Google, they don’t use your search history to bombard you with ads. This is a perfect arrangement for someone who is concerned about privacy and wants to benefit from DuckDuckGo’s highly intuitive, easy to use interface and relatable branding.

2. GoodSearch
Feeling particularly charitable? Use GoodSearch to search the web and raise a penny for the charity of your choice. All you have to do is open an account, pick a charity and start searching. The search engine will donate $0.01 to charity each time you create a legitimate search inquiry. GoodSearch pulls results from Yahoo search.

3. Dogpile
Dogpile search is a search aggregator, that pulls results from the three most popular search engines. If you want to maximize the efficiency of search, use Dogpile for all encompassing and nicely arranged search results.

4. WolframAlpha
They call themselves a computational knowledge engine. This is a great search engine if you want to look for metrics and data. WolframAlpha computes answers, provides extensive analysis and generates detailed reports.

5. Gibiru
Gibiru is another search product that falls under the category of non-tracking search engines. The company prides itself for absolute user privacy. It claims that no records are ever stored on the company servers. Another cool feature of Gibiru is Proxy IP service with anonymous search engine requests and cookie crumbling. The Proxy IP is refreshed every few minutes for maximum anonymity.

6. Ecosia
Every search conducted through Ecosia contributes to the community tree planting efforts. The Ecosia community plants a tree every 7 seconds.

7. KidRex
KidRex is a general search engine that filters out inappropriate content for kids.

8. AOL
AOL is a general search engine with a clean minimalistic interface, that helps you discover news, content, images, and documents.

Social Media Search Engines

Social media is a vast universe of posts, comments, likes, and shares. Of course, in a such a data heavy world, one needs proper search tools to navigate in the sea of information. Here are the best search engines for social media:

When you type a search query into the Facebook search bar, you will be given all results across different Facebook categories, that you can then filter via navigation menu at the top and also sort them via menu on the right by the source, date, tagged location and group. Facebook categories, including Facebook People Search and Facebook Group Search, are a great way to find relevant information in the huge social network world.

10. LinkedIn People Search
People search engines are amongst the most popular ones in an increasingly social world. Finding the right contacts for the first sales call have never been easier. In LinkedIn search, you can search for people and then sort the results by Industry and Seniority level. Premium members enjoy advanced search options such as search by company size and years of experience.

11. LinkedIn Job Search
Discover jobs with this extensive search engine. LinkedIn Job Search is so advanced that it will sort open positions and show the most relevant ones first, based on analysis of your previous experience.

12. LinkedIn Content Search
LinkedIn has an extensive database of user generated content, that keeps getting bigger each day. For the ease of navigation, LinkedIn offers Content Search so that you can find latest relevant posts based on the subject.

13. Twitter Search
With Twitter advanced search staying on top of the news is extremely easy. The local businesses will benefit from “Near this place” field, that returns results relevant to the indicated location.

Social Search

Even though social networks have powerful search engines, sometimes it can be burdensome to conduct a search in each social media channel separately. If you want comprehensive search results, that combine the results from multiple social networks here are search engines you can try:

14. Social Mention
Social Mention searches user generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, and videos. It gathers the data following the search query and presents it in a single stream of information. Social Mention is a great tool to track what people are saying about you and your company as well as to find topics people are interested in.

15. Bing Social
Use Bing Social to search for information on Twitter and Facebook. The search engine will display all the content related to the search query, including comments and posts posted in personal profiles.

16. Who’s Talkin
Who’s Talkin is a social media search tool that can show all conversations that are happening across 60 social media sites. The search takes quite a lot of time but the user experience of the site is top notch. You can also filter your search results by networks, blogs, news media, images, and forums.

17. Social Searcher
Similarly to Social Mention, Social Searcher allows you to search numerous social networks for trending links and mentions. You can monitor your brand, find content topics and links.

18. Anoox
Anoox enables you to search conversations that are happening on numerous social media sites. Anoox is a social media site itself so you can also ask a question and start a conversation with real people.

19. Websta
Websta searches Instagram only. You can use it to search for tags, user accounts, and boards.

20. SocialSeeking
SocialSeeking is a search engine that searches user generated content such as news, videos or images on social networks.

Forum Search Engines

Forums are great for finding topics for the blog and gaining visibility in the community. To find specific results on multiple forums use this one search engine:

Just type in the search query and Boardreader will crawl the forums and show all relevant results. You can then sort the results by date and language.

Blogs Search Engines

To find blogs, relating to your industry, try these search engines:

Regator is a blog search engine where you can browse blogs by type and search hand-selected blogs for topics that you’re interested in.

23. BlogSearch
With BlogSearch you can search more than 40,000 blogs online for specific topics or simply find interesting blogs to read in various categories.

24. Twingly
Twingly keeps track of all the data from blogs, forums and news. Currently, the site monitors over 5 million blogs, 11,500 forums, and 110,000 news media sites.

Search Engines for Documents, Attachments, and Presentations

There are specific Google operators that you can use to find PDF attachments on a particular topic, but if you want to use a separate search engine, here are some you might want to try:

The largest publishing network offers extensive search features. Whether you’re looking for articles, books, audiobooks or documents, Scribd will help you stay informed and access everything you want to read.

26. Slideshare
Slideshare is a part of LinkedIn and is a large community for sharing presentations. Choose a topic, type it into a search bar and discover a slew of amazing educational materials, reports, infographics and visual content.

Search Engines for Images

There are repositories of images and photos such as Shutterstock, and then there are search engines for images, that return all images found on the web following a search query. Here are top search engines for images:

27. Flickr
Flickr search is restricted to its network, nevertheless, it’s the best image search engine for photos, illustrations, screenshots, and images. Flickr is also a social media channel where people connect and form groups, that can also be searched.

28. Bing Advanced Search for Images
Bing is a general search engine but it also offers great features for searching and filtering the images. Bing shows trending images on top, while the rest of the images can be filtered by various criteria via the menu on the left.

29. Google Advanced Image Search
Go to Google.com, enter the search query into a search bar, then click on Images in the menu that appears below the search bar to see all the images. You can also click Settings and Advanced Search to filter the images by size, the source of image and image colors.

30. TinEye
Search for the image and find if the image appears anywhere else online. TinEye is an invaluable search engine for photographers and creators who want to check how and where their images are being used online.

31. PicSearch
Similarly to Google Images Advanced Search, PicSearch finds all the images on the web, which you can then sort by color, size, and orientation.

Creative Media Search Engines

Looking for images and media to fill up your site? Try Creative Commons libraries, that offer images and photos for free. Creative Commons license is the type of license that allows you to use photos for commercial purposes and change them as needed. Sometimes you have to credit the authors, but most of the times you can use the images however you like.

Here are all search engines for creative commons assets:

32.Creative Commons Search
Creative Commons Search offers access to search engines such as Google, Flickr, Pixabay, SpinXpress and more. The results are usually images under creative commons license, though it’s advised to check each image for concrete license requirements.

33. Wikimedia
A media repository that hosts a large collection of images, sounds, and video clips. Wikimedia uses the same algorithms as Wikipedia, meaning anyone can upload the files and everyone can edit them.

34. BlinkX
Looking for a video that is not on Youtube? Try BlinkX – a video search engine that combines search results from hundreds of video sites, including Youtube and Hulu.

35. Clipblast
Clipblast crawls media publishing platforms and news resources for videos on selected topics. The videos returned by the search results tend to be professionally made and of a journalistic value.

Website Statistics Search Engines

Trying to spy on your competitors or looking for creative ways to analyze your website data? These search engines present the data in an easy to read format and provide information about brands and companies.

36. CrunchBase
The data search engine, CrunchBase, finds all information relating to one brand or company including contact information, news, documents and presentations and much more.

37. Quantcast
Quantcast will display website statistics, including traffic, demographics, and general interests. If instead of a domain name you type in a topic, Quantcast will return all the websites that correspond to the topic with top websites being the ones with the highest traffic.

38. BuiltWith
BuiltWith allows you to spy on your competitors. It reveals the technology used on the site, the CMS system, the code, and widgets. If you click on the technology, BuiltWith will also show other sites that are built using the same technology.

Google Advanced Search

Sometimes simply typing in a search term into Google search bar is more than enough. However, if you want to dig deeper into search and utilize all features that the best search engine has to offer, here are other Google Search products you can try:

39.Google Advanced Search
Most people only use a simple Google search bar, but Google Advanced Search is a mighty search machine that allows you to specify search criteria and find exactly what you’re looking for. You can then sort and filter the results by different criteria.

40. Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a repository of theses, books, educational materials, articles, presentations and everything else related to academia. If you’re looking for information produced in the academic world, Google Scholar Advanced Search is a good product to try.

41. Google Advanced Book Search
Google Advanced Book Search crawls books online and finds search queries on books’ pages. When the book is free to download, Google Books will return search results indicating the link to a PDF download.

Regional Search Engines

Lastly, here are search engines that dominate regional markets though they have English language search capabilities as well:

The largest search engine on China’s market, Baidu, is a comprehensive search program that includes the search for web content, images, documents, news, and maps.

43. Naver
Naver is a popular South Korean search engine that has a general search engine capabilities.

44. Goo
Originating in Japan, Goo crawls primarily Japanese website and provides search services for images, content, maps, and news.

45. Yandex
Yandex is the largest Russian search engine and a media publishing company.

46. Virgilio
Virgilio is an Italian search portal that can help you find content, images, and news in the Italian language.

47. Walla
An Israeli search engine, Walla, provides news and content and lets you discover photos, jobs, and products.

48. Diri
Born in Bulgaria, Diri is a popular search engine for content, news, and data.

49. Search
Another regional search engine, Search was born in Switzerland, however, it only searches web pages.

50. Das Oertliche
A German search engine, Das Oertliche, can easily crawl public locations using their phone numbers and street names.

So what is the best search engine? This is a question that does not have a definitive answer. The public questionnaires show that people prefer to focus on one search engine, usually google. Which makes sense because it is by far the most popular engine which is why we have revealed all our secrets on how to create content google loves. However, for specific search queries, you might want to consider several different search engines, that will get you more accurate results and speed up the search process.


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