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August 3rd Uncategorized

7 Inbound Marketing Stats You Won’t Believe

Article Cliff Notes

Inbound marketing is cheaper and more effective than outbound.

Your customers live online now. Your business needs to as well.

Marketing is survival of the fittest. Companies who don’t adapt to the new ecosystem go extinct.

Inbound marketing works really, really well.

Inbound marketing isn’t a buzzword or a fad—it’s currently the cheapest AND most profitable way to market your business…and the fastest…and the least risky. And the most fun.

I’m a little biased. But the numbers don’t lie, my friend.

If you’re still a skeptic, reserve judgment until you’ve read these 7 incredible statistics about the power of inbound marketing. I think you’ll be impressed.

1. The closing rates for outbound vs. inbound leads is 2% vs. 14.6% (Search Engine Journal)

You often see claims from inbound agencies about doubling leads or tripling sales, and they just sound like bullshit. But believe me, it’s the truth.

Search Engine Journal found the difference between closes on outbound and inbound leads to be staggering. Yes, that’s more than 7 times as many closes for inbound leads. Newspaper, TV and radio ads just can’t hold a candle to a well-oiled email campaign or content marketing strategy.

Those are the facts.

This is why we built a whole process around converting clicks to customers. Because it works!

2. Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than outbound marketing (Hubspot State of Inbound 2014)

Speaking of leads, how would you like 54% more of ’em?

Inbound marketing doesn’t just take your existing lead system and squeeze more juice out of it. Inbound brings in truckloads of more fruit, too—and it’s just sitting there, ripe for the taking.

Next to cold, hard sales, leads are one of the most crucial ways to measure the health of your business. A robust flow of leads coming in gives you opportunities to earn money.

Yes, leads come in many shapes and sizes, too. Cold, warm, blazing hot—it’s up to you (or a crack marketing team) to work for as many warm and hot leads as possible, while also nurturing those leads until they’re ready to buy.

But one thing is clear—inbound leads are way more bountiful.

3. 80% of social network users prefer connecting with brands through Facebook (State of Inbound Marketing 2012)

People love to fantasize about the downfall of Facebook, about how the site is hemorrhaging users, the sky is falling…whatever. Right now, Facebook is still the king of all social networks. And as far as advertising, it’s the Supreme Galactic Emperor.

That’s great news for your business, because Facebook advertising is incredibly cheap compared other channels. I mean, REALLY cheap.

Usually, that which is cheap has no value. But Facebook ads are the exception—they have incredible reach and fantastic visibility, and that means tons of the right people are going to see your ads. That is why you need to figure out some serious social strategies.

4. Prioritize blogging, and you’re 13x more likely to have positive ROI (Hubspot State of Inbound 2014)

By now this message has been beaten into your head over and over and over again. Your business MUST have a blog to recognize your full potential. End of story.

Blogs do several things for your business, which are all related. First of all, a solid blog is one outlet to lend a consistent voice to your brand. Consistency and repeatedly getting your voice out in front of real people is the fast track to familiarity and being liked, even loved by potential buyers.

Second, a blog answers critical questions those buyers have. At least, your blog SHOULD answer questions. Answering questions makes you relevant and useful, which also translates to eventual sales.

Third, having a blog makes your business seem more legitimate. If you have something to say and say it well, your blog builds authority. Authority builds trust, and when people trust you they buy from you. If you are worried about creating content yourself, see how we can help you create content with charisma.

5. Prioritizing inbound marketing over outbound saves companies an average of $20k annually (Hubspot State of Inbound 2014)

Outbound marketing is expensive. Anyone who’s tried to run a newspaper or radio ad—or a TV ad, for that matter—can tell you that. In a risk-averse world, everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck without putting their skin on the line.

Inbound marketing is far less risky and provides far greater potential.

Think about it—you can instantly switch gears and change tactics with inbound. Not true if you pay for a dud radio ad, and you’re forced to cringe through it for the next week, 8 times per day.

Cutting the dead weight from outbound marketing allows your company to focus on streamlined, more cost-effective inbound tactics. Every year businesses save tens of thousands of dollars doing just that.

6. Content marketing generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing, and it’s 62% cheaper (Demand Metric)

Marketing using top-quality content with the freshest posts, most persuasive emails, perfect web copy and mesmerizing landing pages is simply better than old-school methods.

As inbound marketers, a big part of what we do revolves around content marketing. Content isn’t the only aspect you need to worry about, but it’s definitely one of the most important.

Content marketing works because, at its core, we’re just giving people what they want—a good read, information, help, entertainment—in exchange for what we want…

Traffic, leads and sales.

It’s just mutually beneficial advertising.

7. Email marketing is the best digital tool for customer retention (eMarketer)

“Email is dead!” At least that’s what everyone says before checking their inbox for the millionth time.

While text messages and social media were supposed to bury email for good, the opposite is true—mobile devices allow people to check email even more often than before.

According to data from BlueHornet, 98.4% of email users check their inbox at least once per day. A staggering 33.8% check emails all throughout the day, from morning to night.

That all adds up to an extremely positive environment for email marketing. Can you imagine if placing a newspaper ad all but GUARANTEED 98.4% of readers at least saw your headline?

Smart marketers are honing drip campaigns and email content marketing down to a science, and their clients are winning big because of it.

Inbound is the Wave of the Future

The inbound train is full of coal and careening down the tracks. We’re smashing through outdated newspaper ads, embarrassing radio ads and costly TV campaigns. We’re knocking door-to-door, dropping cold calling cold turkey, and writing off the direct sales letter.

Inbound is sleeker, meaner, and hungrier than outbound marketing. It’s cheaper, yet somehow gets better results. I know that makes inbound marketing a contradiction. And if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Right?

But these are the facts. Either jump on the inbound train, or get the hell out of the way—you’re about to get run down by more ambitious businesses.


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