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21 Awesome Value Propositions

21 Awesome Value Propositions

examples of great value propositions

The Value Of Effective Value Propositions


Recent studies have shown the average talking person’s attention span had decreased from around 12 seconds in 2000, (right when before our mobile phone overlords showed up), to eight seconds. 8 seconds is really bad (unless you’re bull riding). Goldfish are estimated to have an attention span of nine seconds.

When you’re out hustling, trying to make it rain, you have a better chance of captivating a goldfish than a fellow human.

Your website is your 24/7 salesman who never sleeps and never calls in sick. Your site has to intrigue prospects in under 8 seconds, or you’re never going to make a penny. You have to execute effective branding and influence on both the subconscious and conscious level very, very quickly for your site to be able to create sales or capture monetizable data.

The most effective way to get your visitors to take a desired action that leads to money is with a skillfully written value proposition,  sometimes referred to as a “value proposition statement.”

what is a value proposition statement

What is a Value Proposition?


According to Neil Patel, the mind behind QuickSprout, a truly great unique value proposition paints a clear, punchy, easy to digest picture of your brand for visitors. Your brand’s value proposition should quickly tell your audience 3 main things:

  • What problem your product or service solves.
  • What benefits (not features) customers can expect when they buy.
  • Why you are a better option for customers than your competition.

In other words,  a value proposition introduces you quickly and powerfully to new eyeballs, setting visitors up to be influenced toward taking actions that you can make money from.

Ultimately, that’s the point of your website. Right? It’s not just a piece of information living on the web. Your site should be taking advantage of the effectiveness of inbound marketing and if it isn’t…well then you can let us handle your inbound marketing, but then again I am a bit biased 😉 Either way, if you don’t know what inbound marketing is, then check out our post “What is Inbound Marketing” and familiarize yourself. Simply knowing the method behind the madness will pay dividends no matter which path you take on improving your marketing efforts.

How to write a unique customer value proposition

How To Write a Value Proposition


I am a copycat learner. I learn by watching someone who is already proficient at the skill I am intending to learn, then breaking down what makes them successful. This method definitely lends itself well to honing your skill at writing customer value propositions. In this post we’ll highlight effective examples of value propositions specifically focusing on customer value proposition examples since ideally every visitor should become a customer.

Or at least a high percentage of visitors!

Anyhoo, below you’ll find some companies that are executing unique value proposition statements the right way. Observe!


stripe unique value proposition example



Stripe makes it painfully (or effortlessly, I should say) obvious that it’s mobile payment services are geared toward programmers and/or tech-savvy companies.

Applications and its APIs are all-inclusive, state of the art, and trustworthy for companies that demand nothing less. The picture of two cell phones also works wonders, each emphasizing a distinct, well known Stripe customer.


customer value proposition example - Mailchimp



Three small words: “Send better email” That’s all MailChimp needs to say. You can clearly see what its brand is all about. It’s daring and direct. Brevity executed with utmost intelligence. Not just a great unique customer-based value proposition, but killer branding as well.

value proposition statement example - lyft



At the exact same time with two distinctive value propositions, Lyft targets two different personas unlike others on our list. Both clear and concise, Lyft speaks both to those who need a ride and those who want to BE the driver.

Lyft’s strategy is highly powerful yet subtle with assistance from tasteful layout, while many businesses would shy far from this.

Like MailChimp, the firm has the capacity to convey its worth well. It’s a value proposition you could learn a car-load from.


sample value proposition - dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club


Dollar Shave Club does a great job emphasizing benefits as an alternative to features, while also integrating its largest selling point—cost. It also doesn’t hurt that Dollar Shave Club just feels fun.



business value proposition examples

Mizzen and Chief


Mizzen and Chief has their buyer persona nailed down—people who want a dress shirt that looks nice, fits like a glove (or a shirt), and is built to last. The proposition—that finding all 3 qualities in an off-the-rack shirt is damn near impossible—is a great one.

It also helps that their claim is true.


proposition statement examples - pagely



Concise. Says everything Pagely does for its clients, and nothing more. The simplistic, clear messaging helps Pagely join our list of best value propositions.


bitly.comexamples of great value propositions - bitly



Known for tidying up and shortening long URLs, Bitly is about removing litter. It’s just natural the business’s value proposition represent these characteristics. One of many great examples of great example of Jedi mind tricks at work in value propositions.


sample value proposition statements - unbounce.com



With this statement, marketers understand they’ll have the capacity to create and handle their landing pages without needing to call in reinforcements. There’s nothing ambiguous about the messaging—definitely a good value proposition statement that I would wager is raking in the cash.


best value proposition - macbook

Apple MacBook


Here, Apple highlights how lightweight its merchandise is (one of the main ways it differentiates from the competition), while also talking about how complex its technology is. The message is clear: you can have it all with Apple.

That Apple…constantly “light years ahead” (even in advertising.) Easily one of the companies churning out the best value propositions year after year.

value prop - vimeo



It’s obvious within seconds of landing on Vimeo’s home page that they’re a more innovative YouTube with much higher quality. Their company value proposition makes this crystal clear within nanoseconds. One of the best company value proposition examples in my not-so-humble opinion.


sales value proposition example



Freshbooks calls out their customers right away, making them feel at home as soon as they read the value proposition. Crafting the right message for the right people is how you make money. Watch and learn.


corporate value proposition examples



DuckDuckGo has among the best sample value proposition statements you can find. It’s transparent about its transparency. You know immediately what its biggest feature is. It’s Google without oppressive robots slowly taking over your digital life, eroding your free will and ability to make choices.

How’s that for hyperbole? But I really am a big fan of their service and how they execute such a simple, effective proposition statement that communicates loads of value in one single sentence.


marketing value proposition mint



With a recent upgrade, Mint’s website value proposition captures your attention using inspirational messaging.

Having an excellent grip on cash and personal financing is key to achieving many long-term goals and planning for the future (i.e. purchasing a house, retiring, etc.) Mint finds a way to make saving less boring and more something to look forward to.


sample unique value proposition



Facing a crowded market, Weebly places itself as the “simplest” choice to make a web site right now! With heavy hitters as competition (like Squarespace), Weebly has relied on crafting one of the best value propositions on our list to maintain their edge on the marketplace.


example customer value proposition - backpacks

Tortuga Back Packs


In my opinion, this is the most compelling value proposition example in this post. Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced my fair share of headaches with lost luggage. But this proposition statement speaks volumes to me. And to be frank, they got my money pretty damn fast.

Case closed. I know this value proposition statement works.


examples of unique value proposition - opera



Opera may function as the least popular browser from the Big 5, but you can’t argue with its value proposition. Direct and easy, Opera is safe, quick, and simple to use.


brand value proposition example



You didn’t think you would get through this whole list without some shameless self-promotion did you??! Our competitors are numerous and fierce. We stand out simply by claiming that we do marketing better. And we do.


examples of customer value proposition


Salesforce’s value proposition has gone through many iterations over the years. In the most recent variant requires an extremely unique strategy, emphasizing its customers/case studies. It sells by harnessing the narrative of another, and it works.


examples of value proposition in marketing



Start selling more right away. It’s not that complex. Your value proposition doesn’t need to win literary awards. It just needs to sell your brand.

a good value proposition



Just two words. Evernote puts its money where its mouth is using three scenarios in its hero video, and explains to you the precise advantage of its product. It’s easy to say ‘our software helps you remember stuff.’ But showing you real users, that’s a whole other level. One of the best examples of value propositions that work.



Remember what the 3 points of a good value proposition are: analyze the businesses that are doing it well and pull the trigger yourself. Come back and check this post later, as I plan on keeping it updated and expanding it as I come across other awesome value propositions in action.

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