September 27, 2018

Uptown Puppies Brand New Site Is Converting at an Incredible 8.24%

Sam Lloyd

From a puppy breeding hobby involving one city and a couple breeds, Uptown Puppies has grown into a nationwide network of dozens of breeds and hundreds of happy customers—in just two years. As one of our biggest success stories, Uptown is proof of our iterative process that continues to build on past success while always chasing a better bottom line.

Case in point is our site design.

Uptown Puppies New Site

(Click to See Site)

Why site design really, really matters

Uptown is currently in its ninth version, and each iteration continues to improve upon the results of its predecessor. A few of the biggest reasons for the bump in conversion rate are:

  • Reworked messaging sitewide
  • Overhauled CTA language and form appearance
  • Sharpened our sales pitch and tightened the flow of our sales messaging
  • Tweaked various tiny (but important) design elements

With just a few subtle changes, we’re able to boost the conversion rate of an already-successful site into numbers most would consider out of this world.

What about my site?

Marketing is not static. Even if you knock it out of the park with the launch of a new website, there is always room for improvement.
Luckily, we’ve crawled through the trenches so you don’t have to. Contact us today if your brand could use an overhaul, too—and a couple percentage points added on to your conversion rate.

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