ClickCease Divorce attorneys double conversion rate with brand new site
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September 12th Results Report

Divorce attorneys double conversion rate with brand new site

📄 Client quick facts:

Small team of family attorneys in Rhode Island

Saw great results with their previous marketing team seeking more divorce cases

However, our client was getting low ROI for the money they were spending, and didn’t have enough left over every month to expand

Klicker service package: Foundations

Klicker doubles our client’s marketing efficiency with double the conversion rate.

Double the conversion, same cost 🤑

Our client’s previous marketing team was looking at our client’s issue incorrectly.

Instead of focusing on ways to cut spending, we decided to make our client’s marketing ecosystem cleaner and more efficient.

A huge part of that involved laser-focusing on divorce cases and making that the core of our client’s branding.

“For years, we only thought about what we could cut out of our marketing budget. Klicker gets us more bang for our buck than any other agency we’ve worked with.”


End result? Their site was converting at just over twice his previous highs by the end of Month 14 with Klicker.

If you don’t stand out, someone else will 👍

Marketing is all about spending money to make more money, but it only works if you’re spending money on the right things.

“Our ROI is through the roof. The biggest factor for our recent growth is definitely working with [Klicker].”


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