ClickCease Criminal lawyers double down on DUIs, close double the leads
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September 12th Results Report

Criminal lawyers double down on DUIs, close double the leads

📄 Client quick facts:

Small team of criminal defense lawyers

Established firm but zero digital marketing presence

Wanted to rebrand themselves as “DUI” attorneys to attract their best cases

Klicker service package: Foundations

Klicker doubles leads for our client’s ideal cases.

Better cases vs. more cases ⚖️

Our client knew that they were experts at handling DUI cases, but they’d spent nearly a decade representing a variety of clients as general criminal defense lawyers.

Their firm wanted more of their best cases, not necessarily more cases in general.

“We get the best results working on DUI cases. Klicker helped us reach more of our ideal clients, and we’re all really happy.”


With no website to speak of, this was a golden opportunity to rebrand our client primarily as DUI lawyers.

Their new site positioned them to win the cases they wanted most, getting our client double the leads compared to their previous year.

Differentiate or die 💭

Sometimes working with the wrong clients is just as bad as having too few clients in the first place.

“We knew  that focusing on DUI cases was best for our firm, but we didn’t know how to pivot until Klicker showed us.”


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