ClickCease Criminal defense lawyers net 5x ROI on PPC in one year
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September 12th Results Report

Criminal defense lawyers net 5x ROI on PPC in one year

📄 Client quick facts:

Small team of criminal defense lawyers

Established firm but zero digital marketing presence

Wanted to rebrand themselves as “DUI” attorneys to attract their best cases

Klicker service package: Traffic Takeover

We regularly get clients incredible ROI with PPC.

Criminal lawyers lead with PPC 🖱️

Our client was a long-time criminal defense firm, but they had virtually no online presence.

We looked at them as a startup, and immediately built a PPC campaign to help fulfill both of our client’s goals—getting more DUI cases, and getting online leads ASAP.

“Our cost to acquire a new case from running PPC ads is really low, and we still can’t believe how many clients we’ve gotten solely from these ads.”


By the end of our first year together, our clients were closing enough cases to cover more than 5x their annual PPC budget. Going into their second year with Klicker, our client increased their PPC spend.

So far, they’re seeing amazing results.

Pull your perfect prospects at the perfect price📈

A lot of businesses view PPC ads as a waste of money.

We want to show you just how valuable PPC really is for your business (but only when you do it right).

“We’re getting such amazing results from Klicker’s PPC ads. They’re a major part of our business now.”


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