ClickCease Family law firm nabs 5x the leads in less than a year
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September 12th Results Report

Family law firm nabs 5x the leads in less than a year

📄 Client quick facts:

Small team of family attorneys in Rhode Island

Saw great results with their previous marketing team seeking more divorce cases

However, our client was getting low ROI for the money they were spending, and didn’t have enough left over every month to expand

Klicker service package: Foundations, Traffic Takeover

Rhode Island divorce lawyers land 5x the leads with marketing makeover.

5x the leads in less than a year 🗓️

Our client wanted to expand, and the best way to make that happen was to get him more leads.

Between our PPC ads, local marketing, and a totally redone site focusing on divorce cases, our client was looking at five times the leads in less than a year after hiring us.

“We wanted as many divorce leads as possible. The fact that you guys have gotten me so many of these cases makes it easy for me to get out of bed in the morning.”


And he wasn’t just getting more leads—he was getting better leads (from the clients he wanted to help most).

Transform your website into your #1 salesperson 💰

Are you struggling with leads? We’ve all been there before.

“We’re doing really well since working with Klicker. The quality of our leads has gone up so much and we’re working on the cases that let us do a really good job for our clients.”


But now’s the time to do something about that.

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