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MEGA Laps Competitors, Taking Over 10 Crucial Page-One Keywords

MEGA Laps Competitors, Taking Over 10 Crucial Page-One Keywords

Want to know the difference between a thriving business and a dying one? You can measure any company’s digital wellbeing by how many high-ranking keywords they’ve won. And no, you don’t have to win every keyword to dominate your competitors—just the best ones.

First page, first place

MEGA LED was facing stiff competition and struggling to differentiate themselves from a pack of rivals who were all offering similar products and pricing. One of the key steps to helping MEGA rise above the competition was to literally raise their search rankings for the best keywords that would drive the most business.

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Here are some of the juiciest keywords we’ve taken to page one in our most recent haul:

  • LED signs
  • Programmable LED signs
  • Outdoor programmable LED signs
  • LED outdoor signs
  • Outdoor LED signs
  • LED sign boards
  • LED outdoor signage
  • Programmable LED sign
  • LED outdoor sign
  • LED sign

How good are these keywords? Well, MEGA is super busy dealing with all those leads, that’s for sure. All in a day’s work.

Where does your business stand?

To neglect your search rankings (or rank for keywords that don’t matter) is to neglect your business. If you’d rather give your online marketing efforts a little more TLC, get in touch with us right now—we’re the authority on placing first in the rankings that you care about most.


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