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Standout Digital Branding

Stand out from the competition. Influence prospects. Become their one and only option.

Today’s buyer has dozens of businesses to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer or a tech company—your customers always have other options. The internet empowers your prospects. They’re more informed and more choosy than ever before. So how do you stand out from the pack? How do you nail your first impression? How do you compete?

The answer is branding. Small-to-medium sized businesses think branding is only for big guys with national appeal. Not true. These huge companies got big because of their brands. We’ll build you a brand that stands out from the competition. You’re going to wow prospects and become their go-to option when it’s finally time to click, buy, or schedule that consultation.

Sales Pitch Development

Transform your business into a brand. We’ll map out your brand’s ecosystem, including your competitors and ideal customers. Your brand is why and how you can dominate your market.

The Big Picture

We’ll identify the Big Picture of what drives your industry and how it affects your prospects.

Your Hero Story

Discover where you fit into the Big Story, and what angles make you stand out to prospects.

Buyer Personas

Get your target prospects perfectly defined, giving clear direction to our entire campaign.

Persona Motivations

Discover which pains your buyers want to avoid and which pleasures they want to gain.

"Why" Product / Service

We’ll map out all the reasons why your customers need what you’re selling.

"Why" You Vs. Competition

We’ll define all of the points that make you a smarter choice than your competitors.

"Best experience hands down! We’ve worked with a few marketing agencies and affiliates over the past 5 years and Klicker is the best by a mile. Great communication, incredible results... I highly recommend Klicker!

best digital marketing company

Jay R.

CMO @ PuppySpot

Visual Identity Development

Get a visual identity that perfectly represents your brand. Logos, color palettes, and even font type impact your prospects. Your website will look and feel like your brand.

Creative Direction

Get an A-to-Z strategy for achieving an influential and powerful brand identity.

Logo Creation

Get an awesome logo that will make you stand out and get seen.

Color Pallet Selection

We’ll help you choose the smartest color scheme that fits your brand identity perfectly.

Font Selection

We’ll pick fonts that makes your brand look sexy, authoritative and relatable.

Imagery Selection

Get a bank of quality imagery that resonates with your buyer personas.

Misc. Creative Services

We’ll handle all of the one-off jobs needed to keep your brand fresh and engaging.

"Hired Klicker with the goal of getting 50% more cases per year...had no idea we’d be looking at more than double the cases in less than 9 months. Digital marketing has become a huge competitive advantage for us.

top digital marketing agency

Bryan B.

Founder @ Blackwell Ruiz Law Firm

Messaging Development

Put your brand essence into words. From your written tone to every piece of content, your brand will get a complete overhaul to make customer influence a cinch.

Creative Direction

We’ll develop a complete blueprint for making your brand’s words resonate with customers.

Brand Voice

Discover your brand’s voice and overall vibe that will keep customers engaged.


Get the perfect name for your products, services, and even for your business.


We’ll distill the essence of your brand into a memorable tagline that resonates.


Get a bank of headlines we can use in blog posts, emails, and beyond built to influence.


Get top-shelf content crafted specifically to tell your story and build your brand.

"We've been with Klicker for over 5 years. Before we got very little results online. Now, our website is one of the most important parts of our law firm. If you're looking for real results, I highly recommend Klicker.

digital marketing company

Jacob H.

Operations @ Davis & Sanchez Law Firm

What You Can Expect with Klicker Branding

ROI centered, results focused campaigns

Transparent, honest, weekly reporting

Elite, top-shelf marketing talent

In-house, proprietary processes

The perfect brand sales pitch

Clear, cohesive visual identity

Influential brand messaging

Open door client communication

A brand you can be proud of

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Klicker the best digital branding agency?

We have years of experience as a top branding agency. We know exactly what goes into making a powerful, influential brand. Our brand development agency understands the value of brand building for small and medium sized businesses—our clients.

Why don’t more SMBs take branding seriously or hire a brand agency?

Many small and medium-sized business owners believe branding should happen after becoming bigger and more successful. Look at any major, global company and you’ll see that this just isn’t the case. Success follows branding.

What’s the secret to “standout” brands?

Your brand is your total customer experience. Every aspect of your business must be connected and cohesive. One of the biggest turnoffs for potential customers is inconsistency. Your brand stands out when it’s easy to understand.

How will I know what’s going on with my campaign?

We love communicating with our clients. Our clients love our weekly progress reports, and you will too. Plus, our door is open. We’re always ready to chat and let you know what’s going on with your digital campaigns.

Are you only a brand marketing agency?

No. Branding is core to any great marketing campaign, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle. We also excel at local, organic and paid search, website and content development, and re-marketing, email marketing and drip marketing campaigns.

What does the typical Klicker Branding process look like?

We develop your brand in three areas. We’ll start off by researching and developing your core brand identity. Then, we’ll use that identity to develop your visual and written brand messaging—including your website, logo, content, etc.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Klicker has the most experience building stellar brands for small and medium businesses. Our current clients are local brands like surgeons, lawyers, orthodontists, dentists, and startups. We work with SMBs because they’re the ones we get the best ROI for.

Do I really need a brand design agency?

Yes. Without knowing what your brand is, there’s no way to effectively market your business to prospects. Your brand isn’t just a logo or a name—it’s the reason for your business to exist, and the reason why customers should choose you over a competitor.

What’s Klicker’s marketing process like?

Increase traffic, increase leads, increase sales. Creating a solid brand is the foundation of your lead generation strategy. Once we’ve created your winning brand, we’re able to move forward with website design and content creation.

What will “standout branding” look like for my business?

What is a good brand? It’s consistent, it’s clear, and it offers value to customers that they can’t get anywhere else. From color choices to word selection, we communicate your value to customers with every component of your online presence.

Recent Victories

This is what peak digital marketing looks like. Have a look at our recent success stories and picture what it’d be like for your business to experience massive gains like these.

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