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We just redid everything for Uptown Puppies. Brand, sales pitch, content, site, SEO. Leads are pouring in.

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Sam Lloyd

Klicker Founder

As it turns out, online marketing is pretty tough. You probably have a dozen opinions pulling your company in a dozen different directions, and figuring out which voice to trust is downright impossible. You've been flooded with emails, calls and social media messages by people selling books, programs and marketing services. All of a sudden you realize that, to many marketing agencies, your business is nothing more than a hunk of meat being picked clean by scavengers.

But that's a shortsighted mindset, and ultimately isn't sustainable for your business or that other marketing agency. That's why Klicker banishes the pricey one-off services, annoying cold calls, crippling retainer fees and unrealistic promises of future success that never materialize. We care about results, period. Our ace marketing team has put together an A-to-B strategy designed to get results for our clients, whatever industry they might be in. Doubled traffic, tripled leads, doubled sales...not just a fantasy for the small but elite group of clients we work with each year.

As a boutique San Diego marketing agency, we care about creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. Part of that trust hinges on the fact that our compensation is tied directly to our performance. By treating your business like it's our business, we all come out on top and we all win. Together.

Welcome to Klicker! The results-only San Diego inbound / digital marketing agency you've always needed.

Better Marketing. Bigger Profits.

Better Marketing means more traffic, more leads, more sales, and the highest ROI possible.

More Traffic.

Traffic is square one, and Klicker's clients get more traffic than the Interstate during Thanksgiving.

Let's show social media and the search engines you mean business, getting loads of interested visitors tapping your web address into their browsers. Just take a look at Dr. Jones—after the Klicker treatment, his traffic jumped more than 1000% and doubled his sales to boot.

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More Leads.

Traffic is nice, but it's only the beginning. Ultimately, traffic doesn't matter if all those visitors are leaving before they buy anything. Klicker utilizes supercharged web content, amazing design and compelling conversion tactics to retain visitors and turn them into leads.

Klicker lands leads like nobody's business, converting timid visitors into interested browsers before closing the deal and making the sale. Look at MEGA LED, who gained a 3x increase in digital leads after 6 months of Klicker magic.

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More Sales.

This is what you came for. Now it's time for the real work to begin, where we eliminate all barriers of sales resistance and get those visitors buying.

By the time Klicker is through, your prospects will be beating on your front door just begging to give you their payment info or schedule a meeting. Just look at our poor friends at Tobacco, who doubled their sales and didn't know what to do with all that new money.

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In this free PDF you'll learn How We Doubled Dr. Jones Sales by Fixing 5 Massive Marketing Mistakes. See what Dr. Jones was doing wrong that was costing him big time. Guaranteed to give you inspiration and insights for your business.

Introducing the Team.

The all-star marketing team you've always needed but never had.

Hey, I'm Sam. I always wanted to build a "dream team" of marketing talent. You know, a group of truly elite individuals correctly incentivized, firing on all cylinders to create results previously unheard of. It's been a long road, but we've done finally done it. Welcome to Klicker.

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Sam Lloyd
Creative Superhero

I'm Kade! When I'm not serenading my beautiful wife and giving my daughter piggyback rides, I'm on the computer making things GO. I can tell you one thing for sure—Klicker really is the marketing team you've always needed, but never had.

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Kade Call
Strategy Overlord

I'm Nick, and I have an uncanny obsession with words. I live, breath, and even eat words (alphabet cereal) all day, every day. When Sam told me about Klicker—and how many words I'd get to write for hungry eyes all across the world—I knew it was a perfect fit.

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Nick Bandy
Wordsmith Prodigy

Omar Prestwich
Refined Socialite

Michael Matthews
Coding Wizard

We're hiring! This could be you.

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Super Talent

Your Questions: Answered

How do I know I can trust Klicker?

If you've tried one San Diego internet marketing company, you've tried them all...sort of. You can trust us because we use tried and true tactics for clients the world over, and continue to win big results. Our happy clients speak for themselves.

What makes you digital marketing agency San Diego has to offer?

San Diego marketing agencies lack passion, attention to detail, and a results-focused mindset. We've got 'em, and these are the keys to success.

How do I get started?

If you're looking for digital marketing agencies San Diego is one of our most familiar locations. Just get in touch with us ASAP, tell us about your business, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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Let's chat about how Better Marketing by could mean Bigger Profits for you. We're taking on 1 new client this quarter. Are you ready for the revolution?