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We are a full-service, boutique startup marketing squad that does everything it takes to double leads for our clients. For startups looking to put their business in the fast lane, we’re your team.

Every client we take on gets the same guarantee—double the leads after just 9-12 months of working for us. And so far, we’ve always delivered on that promise.


For every hundred agencies doing digital marketing, there might be one doing it well. Our proven inbound marketing strategies are geared to bring your startup traffic, leads and sales. Period.

We start doubling your leads by building a strong foundation, giving you a website that truly works. Next, we’ll help you land tons and tons of web traffic. Last and definitely not least, we’ll transform those visitors into the results that really matter—leads and sales.


Klicker’s 6 digital service packages combine to form your A-to-Z game plan for digital marketing dominance, bringing your startup lots of traffic, tons of leads, and a bounty of sales.


Websites that convert.

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Consistent. Charismatic. Content.

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Ranked 365

Smarter search strategies — executed.

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Straight to the top (of the map).

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Ads +

Powerful paid campaigns.

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Email on auto-pilot.

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Not to brag, but we have a perfect track record. Over the past few years, we’ve doubled, tripled, even quadrupled leads for our select clients. Check out some projects below.

Davis & Sanchez gets 3X more leads and expands offices as a result.


We were able to get a second office because of Klicker. Our lead volume and quality skyrocketed after they took over our digital efforts.

Jacob Hill

Manager @ D & S

Monument Immigration goes from startup to superhero.


Because of Klicker, I went from no leads to hot leads coming in on a daily basis. Without Klicker, I wouldn't be where I am.

Mark Naugle

Founder @ Monument

Montgomery Steele leap frogs their competitors with better digital marketing.


Klicker redid our entire digital strategy including our website. We started getting hot leads just days after the new site was launched and things have continued to expand.

JT Steele

Partner @ M & S

Trenton Jones, MD enjoys 4X more leads and tons of new patients.


I never had any real success getting leads and new clients from online efforts... until Klicker. The Klicker team created everything and now I'm getting hot leads daily.

Trenton Jones

Owner @ Cascade

Uptown Puppies goes from concept to venture funded.


I've assembled an amazing team at Klicker, what else can be said. Because of the Klicker team, Uptown Puppies grew beyond my wildest expectations.

Sam Lloyd

CEO @ Uptown


You probably have some questions... most people do. Good news, we have some answers.

Can you REALLY double my business' leads?

Twice the leads isn’t a sales pitch to us—it’s just what we do, day in and day out.

Because we only take on clients when we’re sure that we can double their leads, it lets us be laser-focused on getting massive results. While that does mean we don’t take on every company, it’s the only way we can guarantee success.

Wondering how much easier life would be if you had 2x as many leads rolling in? Get in touch with us ASAP through the form below, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

How long will it take?

We can’t give you an exact date, but we guarantee doubling your leads in 9-12 months after we start working together.

How much does it cost?

Different businesses might need a higher or lower amount of work to see double the leads, and that all depends on a thousand factors we’ll go over when we chat together. Fortunately for our clients, we never pitch anyone on service packages they don’t actually need.

Past and current clients always talk about how ‘fair’ our deals are, and we tend to agree. Our contracts are structured to punish marketing laziness and reward awesomeness, meaning we need to show up every day in order for us all to succeed.

If you like win-win deals, we want to talk.

How does this page rank so well on Google?

We find clever ways to sprinkle in content specifically designed for Google, without sacrificing brand, UX, and sales pitch initiatives.

Now check out all this SEO content we did for this page... This section is for SEO. It’s meant for Google’s eyes only, but feel free to take a look if you want.

We get it. Starting a new business is exciting. Sadly, that mentality of building something and expecting customers to magically appear out of thin air just don’t happen. Those overnight success stories passed around at the water cooler? Those are usually the product of years of tough work that took place behind the scenes, away from prying eyes.

Marketing for startups takes guts, grit and determination. Oftentimes you’ll need to contend with a lack of, well, a lot—money, time, even talent.

Startup Inbound Marketing Agency... Digital Marketing for Startup Companies

But should you give up? Of course not. You just need to make sure that every ounce of your being and every second of your time are devoted to success. That means flawless planning and flawless execution. And that also means abandoning traditional marketing strategies for something a little more effective.

Startup marketing is a unique beast, and you’ll need all aspects of your game at the highest level.

So let’s start with the basics.

Choosing your market is essential. It’s so easy to fall into the trap that EVERYONE just has to love your product or service and that there’s just no way you could fail. You probably think about your product 24/7, right? But the harsh reality is that, at best, only a small fraction of the population is really interested in your product.

Sometimes, that small percentage is enough to make you a huge success. But often, it’s not.

Marketing your startup to EVERYONE means you’re marketing to NO ONE. It’s a waste of time and money. The key to market your startup is to identify your true market and pursue that market aggressively.

When considering your market, think about whether that demographic even has the cash to spend on your product. Consider the size of your market, and whether it has niche appeal among certain segments of the population. Consider how many competitors you have. And consider whether your unique value proposition is really awesome enough to cut through al the noise.

Digital Marketing Agency for Startup Companies Using Inbound Marketing Strategies

When your market is defined clearly, you can start building a list of keywords to use. This list will help you with blogging, your main site, as well as social media accounts. At its core, your list will include words and phrases that are very relevant to your brand. Just think—what would someone type into Google in order to locate your startup’s website?

Your core keywords will be about five keywords that totally summarize your business. This list should be based around your selling proposition—what are you really giving customers?

Now expand on your core list with secondary keywords and phrases. These are going to be more specific. You can take advantage of many free resources to find your keywords that are already sending traffic to your site. The best phrases have high traffic and low competition—lots of people looking for them, but not that many results.

Your startup budget is equally important when determining how and when your startup is successful. Knowing how much you can spend on startup marketing can be just as important as knowing what the best startup marketing strategy is. The important thing to note is that leads coming from inbound marketing tend to be significantly cheaper than other leads, so budget accordingly.

Social media can also play a role in your marketing plan, and shouldn’t be neglected. Promoting on social media is pretty cheap compared to other marketing media, and you have the potential to get thousands of leads if you play your cards right.

When it comes to effective marketing strategies for startups, it doesn’t get more effective than Klicker.

Marketing for startups is really tough, and we get that. You have so many areas to focus on—content marketing for startups, digital marketing for startups, tools for startups, and tons of other things to focus on.

Developing your startup marketing plan often falls to a startup marketing agency, startup marketing firm or startup marketing consultant. But what are those startup marketing firms really giving you when they hand over that startup marketing strategy? As it turns out, not much.

Getting really aggressive marketing strategies is one of the secrets to marketing a startup. Luckily, Klicker makes marketing startup easier than ever. With B2B startup marketing, internet startup marketing plan and lean marketing for startups, we cover all of your bases.

Our lean startup marketing plan helps out a ton if you’re worried about your start up budget, figuring out market research for startups, or just need help with a list of marketing metrics.

When people ask us “What does a marketing company do,” it’s easy to answer. We help startups from A-to-Z, from product launch marketing plan to the basics like how to start a marketing campaign. Marketing for startups with Klicker is just easy.

Double your leads.

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