Klicker is a legal digital / inbound marketing agency built built specifically for law firms.

Win online.


We're a results-driven legal digital marketing boutique.

Gigantic ROI from fully scaled law firm marketing campaigns—that’s our mission. We exist to help firms like yours reach your true potential with internet marketing by ramping up your traffic, converting more leads, and landing more cases than ever before.

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What we build.

Everything it takes to dominate digital marketing for law firms.

Klicker’s complete marketing ecosystems are built with one purpose—to deliver your firm a constant supply of hot leads with zero effort. To that end, you get everything it takes to dominate, including content, design, brand refinement, search, and more...

Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

How we operate.

Talent-stacked marketing teams, complete marketing systems.

Meet your new legal marketing team—agile and efficient enough to win big results in a fraction of the time it would take other agencies. Klicker is stacked with true MVPs, bringing to the table only the best expertise and experience.

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Results are everything. Winning is all our clients know.

Coast to coast and everywhere in between, our lawyers have one thing in common—we’re taking them to the top, fast. Take a look at some of Klicker’s most recent legal successes and find out why firms tend to stick with us for the long haul.


Common digital marketing questions...

Why do 99% of firms fail at lawyer online marketing?

Most lawyers are far too busy to handle digital marketing by themselves. Marketing for legal firms is a full-time job that requires a real team of professionals to get results—by the time you learn how to do it yourself, you might as well quit your day job and open a law firm marketing agency.

Do you do social media for lawyer marketing?

To be blunt, social media marketing isn’t as “essential” as some of those other firms would tell you. While we are fans of paid social ads, most social media marketing is a waste of your time, energy and money, and just don’t fit into your law firm marketing plan.

I notice your web projects all have a certain look, what’s behind that?

When you look at a Porsche, you’re seeing certain design elements that have grown and evolved over the years, becoming core to the brand’s success. Our sites are similar—we’ve developed a look that works, and works really well for attorney marketing.

Will digital / inbound marketing work for my law firm?

Does inbound marketing work for 100% of law firms? No. Does it work for a vast majority of law firms? Yes. It’s statistically likely that it’ll work for your firm, too—and we don’t take on any clients unless we’re totally sure we can get results.

How can I know you guys are legit? I’ve been scammed by another law firm marketing company and got no results.

Digital marketers today have a bad reputation, and a lot of them are like car mechanics who profit from deception and confusion. Klicker’s success is founded on honest work, and our clients are living proof that our philosophy works.

Do you work with HubSpot?

If you’re firm already utilizes HubSpot, we have no problem working with your existing systems. However, our own systems usually work best with the kinds of projects we build—we’ll help you go over the pros and cons and choose the best options.

Klicker reviews.

Clients love us because we keep our promises.

When your law firm succeeds, Klicker succeeds. That ethos has carried our clients to countless leads converted, forms filled, consultations booked and cases won. Law firms love Klicker because we deliver—it’s that simple.

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*Actual Client Reviews

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Doubled my leads.

"Klicker did EXACTLY what they said they would do... they doubled my leads and made it look easy."

- Dave Majeroni

Majeroni Ortho

digital marketing reviews

Klicker gets results.

"The Klicker team is amazing. I consider their talent and approach a core competency of Davis Sanchez."

- Jacob Hill

Davis & Sanchez

klicker reviews

New cases flowing in.

"Our firm went from handling a trickle of new cases to barely being able to keep up with the workload in just half a year."

- Mark Naugle

Monument Immigration

Start winning.

The majority of Klicker clients are enjoying a monthly ROI of 5x or more. That's the power of digital marketing done right. Are you ready to start winning online?

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