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Winning online starts now.

We build everything you need to grow your law firm with inbound marketing.

We get it. You want to grow your law firm, and you need qualified leads. But marketing isn't your thing and you're already swamped. That's where we come in. Klicker is an award-winning agency with a proven track record. We make winning online seem easy. We do the work and you get the rewards. Expect more traffic, more leads, and more sales — guaranteed. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look around. Read our success stories. And when you’re ready to convert, .

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Sam L.

Klicker Founder

The smartest way to do law firm marketing.

The Klicker method is simple but powerful.

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Show Up

searchers prospects

Searchers with solid cases are looking for what you offer. The only question is, are you showing up?

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Stand Out

Prospects Leads

Research shows prospects compare 3+ law firms before reaching out. Does your website demonstrate the most value?

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Seal the Deal

Leads Clients

Leads seldom become clients immediately. It takes many interactions to land a client. Is your follow-up good enough to land the sale?

If you've answered "no" to any of these questions, we can help. With Klicker, you’ll show up in front of searchers looking for what you offer. You’ll stand out from the competition and demonstrate the most value. Plus, your lead follow-up will be automated—so you barely have to lift a finger. Are you ready for marketing that actually works?

Everything you need
to win online.

We do the work. You get the rewards.

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Websites Built to Convert

Prospects compare at least 3 options before they reach out. Does your website demonstrate enough value to be their first choice? With Foundations, you get a website built to convert. It’s time to differentiate your business from the competition.

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Houston attorney seo marketing

Traffic Takeover

Win the Google Game

Searchers with intentions to buy are looking for what you offer. Are you showing up? With Traffic Takeover, we position you at the top of Google for the keywords that matter most. Say yes to organic, local, and paid ads success. Say yes to Traffic Takeover.

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Social that Sells

The average person spends 2.5 hours on social media every day. People crave that which is beautiful and interesting. With STATUS we create content that wins attention and brings you new customers. And it all starts with our proprietary PhotoBooth.

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Lead Loop

Automated Follow-Up

Leads seldom become clients immediately. Turns out, it takes many interactions to land a client. Are you following up? With Lead Loop, you get automated follow-up that reinforces your sales pitch—over and over. The result? More clients.

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5 star digital marketing agency

We've been with Klicker for over 5 years. Before we got very little results online. Now, our website is one of the most important parts of our law firm. If you're looking for real results, I highly recommend Klicker.

Jacob H.

Davis & Sanchez

Why choose Klicker?

Unlike most agencies, we actually deliver.

Houston lawyer seo marketing

Proven Success an ROI Guarantee

579% more web traffic. 292% more leads. 115% more web-derived sales. These are our average client results. And with an ROI Guarantee, we only onboard clients we’re 100% confident will get similar results. Will your business be next?

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We Do Everything

...You Get clients

With Klicker, you get a full suite of marketing services tailored just for you. Everything we create works in harmony to grow your business. We do the work. You get the rewards. Sit back and relax while we're busy building.

attorney internet marketing Houston

Smarter Strategies

...and Execution Excellence

These days, the competition is fierce. To win online, you need smarter strategies and flawless execution… every pixel, every word, every impression. With Klicker, you get an obsessive attention to detail. No cutting corners, no excuses. Just results.

Real-Time Updates

...with superior reporting

New form fills? Notified. New calls? You’ll know immediately. With a custom reporting dashboard for every client, you’ll see our tasks and results mapped out in real time. You'll know exactly what we're up to, and why.

5 star digital marketing agency

Started last year with barely any web traffic...Klicker took us from a ghost town to a feeding frenzy in less than a year. Now, our website is one of the most important parts of our law firm.

Lawrence R.

Blackwell Ruiz Law

Us vs. Them

Every agency ticks boxes, but we tick them all.

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ROI Guarantee
Owner Operated
One Client, One Region
Small Agile Teams
Full Service Campaigns
Open Door Communication
Hands-Free Systems
Elite Talent
Clear Roadmaps
Real-Time Reporting

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Questions & Answers

What is full service attorney marketing Houston TX?

Should you go with one-off services like email marketing, search optimization or web design? Or is it better to go with a full-service law firm marketing agency? Our clients are proof that getting A-to-Z marketing execution is the key to winning online.

What is inbound vs outbound Houston lawyer SEO marketing?

Inbound marketing means providing real value to prospective clients — who then feel compelled to choose your law firm. Outbound marketing is more of a numbers game — whoever spends the most money tends to get better results.

How long until I get results with law firm marketing Houston?

A typical law firm will see results within 4 months of working with Klicker — although some of our clients start gaining ROI in just a month. Certain services generate results faster. It all depends on your goals.

What’s the “ROI Guarantee” when it comes to attorney internet marketing Houston?

We give our clients our best work, every single day. When you work with Klicker, our ROI Guarantee means that we guarantee at least our typical results for your law firm. We only work with law firms who match our system perfectly.

Why is Klicker the best attorney website marketing Houston?

The best attorney marketing agencies know what you need to grow online…and also know what marketing services are a waste of time. When you work with Klicker, we give you everything you need to win online…and nothing you don’t.

Why do so many fail with Houston lawyer digital marketing?

Today’s prospective clients are more discerning, and Google is more demanding. Competition is higher than ever, and you must do everything perfectly in order to get results online. Our method of inbound marketing just works, period.

What’s the secret to lawyer marketing Houston TX?

The way to measure success online is by increasing your traffic, leads and sales. It’s that simple — but too many agencies get lost in the weeds. We understand that getting you more cases means more traffic, more leads, and more web-derived sales.

Why hire an agency for law firm marketing Houston TX?

The best candidates for digital marketing are lawyers who rely on leads for new cases, and who already have prospects actively searching for similar lawyers online. And if you don’t have time to learn marketing yourself, hiring an agency is your best bet.

How will I know what’s going on with my Houston law firm marketing campaign?

As our client, you’ll receive weekly progress reports by email where you can keep track of our latest wins and work items. You’ll also get an online dashboard where you can track our successes whenever, wherever.

What kind of lawyer marketing Houston TX do I need?

We help law firms improve their search visibility, build strong foundations with a website that sells, automate lead follow-up, and create compelling social ads. In short, build everything your firm needs to win online.

What are Klicker’s average client results with Houston attorney search engine marketing?

Nearly 7x the traffic, almost 4x the leads, and over double the web-derived sales. Not too bad for “average” results. And with our ROI Guarantee, we guarantee to achieve similar results for every new client we take on.

How to choose an agency for Houston attorney SEO marketing?

Perhaps most important when looking for a marketing agency is finding one who can get results for law firms like yours. We have a long history of winning incredible success for law firms across the United States.

Winning online starts now.

Let's talk about how to grow your business with inbound marketing.

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