Uptown Puppies


Uptown Puppies started as a partnership between Klicker and Winsome Cottage Labradoodles with a very simple mission—breed the best dogs, in the best conditions, for the best people. Uptown Puppies was on a quest to unite man with man’s best friend, but to do that we were going to need leads. Lots and lots of leads.


Without trying to brag, Uptown Puppies stands head and shoulders above the competition—which is exactly what a brand needs to do in order to win business. Uptown breaks the mold of puppy breeder sites with a clean, modern, professional design that shows we mean business.

Our goal with Uptown’s site was to capture leads around the clock, meeting and greeting customers 24/7/365. Well, mission accomplished. Uptown Puppies is our most successful project to date, with a site that’s easy to navigate, answers all of our prospects’ questions, and gets dozens of HOT leads every day.


Uptown’s content was designed to tug at our buyers’ heartstrings and convince Google to put us front and center for all the most valuable search terms. Our plan couldn’t have gone smoother, with customers eating up everything from blog posts to sales copy to lead magnets and more. Uptown’s content is charismatic, just like our puppies.

Ranked 365

Just a year ago, Winsome Cottage Labradoodles wasn’t exactly setting the search rankings on fire. Most of their business came from word of mouth referrals, so we set out to change that. Now Uptown is dominating Google, ranking far and wide with lucrative keywords in tons of different areas across the US.


Even though many of our buyers can’t reach out and touch our dogs through their computer screen, they still needed nurturing until they were ready to choose Uptown over a competitor. Using highly persuasive and informative lead magnets and ultra-simple forms, we created a sales funnel that basically runs itself—to the tune of 30+ leads per day.


In just one short year, Winsome Cottage Labradoodles has increased their leads tenfold, blowing away our wildest expectations and redefining what’s possible with digital marketing. No longer do businesses have to wait years or decades for a trickle of leads and sales—for real results, you just need a team willing to reach out and grab them.

10X more leads.