Uptown Puppies.

Establishing a premium network of designer dog breeders, delivering the best puppies on the planet, creating a nationwide business from scratch, and generally taking over the internet.

The situation...

Uptown Puppies began with just a single breeder and friend of Klicker looking to make a little extra money on the side. Katie was an awesome Labradoodle breeder but hated dealing with the marketing and sales side of things—like many of our clients, she just didn’t have the time or energy to take care of business and marketing.

Although Katie’s offer (awesome designer dog puppies) was in high demand, she didn’t know how to differentiate herself from the pack, and customers didn’t feel a compelling reason to choose her over other breeders. To make matters worse, Katie’s website was virtually invisible and barely generated a trickle of visitors.

The campaign...

What started out as a simple project to hep Katie find homes for all of her puppies quickly turned into something much bigger. Klicker wanted to build a brand in Uptown Puppies that was just as cool, sharp and in-demand as the dogs themselves, complete with a website that blows the competitors clean out of the water, totally exceeding customer expectations.

Uptown’s site would overflow with all the content an aspiring Doodle owner could ever dream of, and Uptown’s rapid rise through the search results (in every state) would give our brand the nationwide exposure to be a true powerhouse. In short, we envisioned dog-lovers across the country becoming part of the Uptown Network.

The results...

Uptown Puppies currently enjoys roughly a hundred daily leads and generates tens of thousands in monthly sales. As a true startup success story, Uptown’s meteoric rise is what we strive to reproduce for all of our clients.

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"Uptown Puppies success was predicated on Klicker's work. The entire project wouldn't have been possible without an elite digital marketing campaign."

-Sam Lloyd