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Tobacco Motorwear Quadruples sales with Better Marketing by

Sam Lloyd

Klicker Founder

Tobacco is our kind of client — great company, great people, and selling a truly unique product people are hungry to buy. It's a recipe for success that only needs a little marketing direction to really take off.

Tobacco makes high-quality motorwear that also looks and fits great, a rarity in the riding world. We wanted Tobacco to get the attention they deserve, making it super simple for interested buyers to find and navigate their site, eventually ending with a big, fat click on that 'Add to Cart' button.

We're all elated with how well things turned out. Keep on reading to see how we made it happen.Better Marketing. Bigger Profits.

Find out how we did it—together—below.


Branding is the alpha and omega of marketing. From the very beginning, we set out to sharpen Tobacco's brand messaging into a company that motorcycle riders could identify with. Tobacco was already full of personality, but they needed help getting that message across to new visitor's who'd stumbled across the site through Google, without relying on the hype generated by their stellar Kickstarter campaign. Honing Tobacco's brand meant creating an experience that fits perfectly with their ideal buyer persona's lifestyle, and that's exactly what we did.

Experience Refinement

Solid branding hits you in the gut. Tobacco's brand needed to scream 'top-notch riding gear' from the second people set foot on their page, or visitors would leave without buying.

For Riders, by Riders

The guys at Tobacco live and breathe this stuff, and built a product they'd want to use themselves (and do). It was crucial for us to make potential buyers see that passion firsthand..

Striking Balance

Refining Tobacco's brand meant striking a clean, simple vibe to eliminate confusion for customers, while also retaining the image of rugged dependability in its products.


Tobacco's old site was full of personality and palpable coolness, but it lacked the focus and clarity to really bring home the Benjamins. Landing on their home page and experiencing even a smidgin of clutter or lack of direction is enough to kill a sale. Klicker's site redesign aimed to capture both sides of Tobacco's product—the heavy-duty riding jeans that'll save your bacon in a crash, and the sleek pair of pants you won't be embarrassed to wear in public.

140% Increase in Pages Per Visit

Rebuilding Tobacco's site meant smoothing the sales journey from their home page and landing pages, making it easier for visitors to continue on to the shopping cart.

73% Increased Time On Page

Modern design principles lead to visitors hanging around each page much longer, making it easier for people to find the information they need as fast as possible without getting overwhelmed.

39% Increased Load Speed

Getting rid of bad, clunky design mistakes from the old site meant saving visitors several seconds on loading each page, paying off huge dividends.


Tobacco's old site relied on recognition from their Kickstarter campaign, and didn't quite move the needle when it came to Google. Tobacco sells a superior product, and deserves a bigger piece of the pie. Armed with the most detailed SEO research and competition analysis known to man, our writing and web design all came back to one goal—launching tobaccomotorwear.com into the stratosphere.

100+ Keywords on Page One

If you're not first, you're last—and first is exactly where more than a hundred of Tobacco's most lucrative keywords are hanging out on Google.

Best of the Best for Dozens of Keywords

Page One is great, but Number One overall is better—and that's where dozens of Tobacco's most coveted keywords are sitting pretty.

2.5k Keywords in the Top 100

Tobacco is raking in the traffic and sales from today's top rankings, and we're poised to gain even more in the future as we expand their search clout to epic proportions.


Tobacco's old content ticked off most of the important boxes. But with a total site overhaul, we needed to do better than 'just OK.' Instead of rapidly expanding Tobacco's pages and web copy, we focused on fine-tuning and supercharging their existing pages to squeeze out every drop of value. At the end of the day, we wanted visitors to get to that shopping cart ASAP...and our strategy worked, big league.

Focused Messaging

For Tobacco, we didn't need to build out dozens of additional pages to snag traffic. Instead, we made existing pages as awesome as possible to hit harder, faster and more often.

Search-Optimized Content

Refining Tobacco's content meant working with SEO in mind, targeting all the top keywords Tobacco's buyers were using—creating content loved both by humans and Google.

Next-Level Persuasion

People were already buying Tobacco products, but not as many as we wanted. Our new content was aimed to funnel visitors directly into the shopping cart.

Clicks to

Like most of our clients, Tobacco's site was losing out on a lot of 'gimme' sales—traffic that simply wasn't converting into customers, but should be. Our site overhaul totally redesigned and re-imagined Tobacco's landing pages to improve their sales funnel and remove all obstacles standing between visitors and a new pair of riding jeans...or three.

Doubling Traffic

Traffic is the first step in the conversion funnel. Our new site wound up bringing in more than 2x as much traffic as the old site, making Tobacco's web host work extra hard to keep up.

Minimizing Exits Before Buying

There's a big mental block between 'Add to Cart' and 'Checkout Now,' and we removed that block by decreasing clutter and eliminating all doubts in the buyer's head before reaching the cart.

Quadrupling Sales

In 8 months, we managed to double Tobacco's sales. From then until now, we've doubled sales AGAIN—adding up to a cool 4x increase in motorwear sales.

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