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Key Challenges

1. SEO Disaster Cleanup

MEGA was still recovering from an SEO earthquake—a recent Google algorithm change wiped out nearly all of their SEO keyword rankings. They needed a complete revamp of their content strategy.

2. Confusing Product Line

MEGA's product line was labeled in terms only industry experts could understand. Customers were confused about which signs met their needs—and often ended up walking away. We needed to make it easier for customers to find the product they wanted.

3. Clunky Website

MEGA's web traffic was bottled up in its hard-to-use web interface, where promising leads were lost. Potential customers were leaving with a negative impression of the company. It was time to clean up the site, and restore MEGA's image.


The game plan was simple—streamline everything. Communicate and deliver quality to the customer.

The key components of that plan were:

  • Designing a new website from the ground up, and launching that site 2 months ahead of schedule;
  • A complete overhaul of MEGA's messaging and brand identity;
  • Implementing a strategic content plan, from product pages to creative blog posts to case studies, all with the goal of influencing prospects;
  • The creation of lead-nurturing email campaigns using Infusionsoft;
  • Consolidation of MEGA's product line down to 3 easy-to-understand, distinct brands;
  • Full execution of a white hat SEO strategy, repairing the damage from the algorithm update;
  • And, the creation of unique, new brand elements, such as product logos.
MEGA has been an industry leader in the production of LED signs since 2006. Completely managed, manufactured and supported in the US, MEGA's signs have a reputation of quality and reliability—two aspects we wanted customers to see from the second they arrived on MEGA's website.
Project Details

Year: 2015 - 2016

Categories: Brand, Content, Search, Websites, Conversion

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sector: manufacturing

Website: www.megasigninc.com

David Shin

“Eight months ago our business was reeling from a massive Google penalty. Our site was dead in the water. After a complete overhaul by Klicker, our website has regained its rightful place on Google. Our online form fills have shot through the roof. These guys are the real deal.”

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