Communicating value to patients with affordable yet superior orthodontics, opening the floodgates to new online leads, expanding our client’s practice, and dominating established competitors.

The situation...

Dr. Majeroni is a premier orthodontic talent with a truly visionary approach to enhancing smiles. With a focus on aesthetics over the more traditional methods of most orthodontists around the country, Dr. Majeroni knew he was on to something special and was ready to expand his business—both financially and geographically.

But Dr. Majeroni was facing a handful of issues. Although his approach and results are actually superior, patients didn’t know that—and to make matters more complicated, his website just wasn’t drawing in the traffic he needed to thrive in an ultra-crowded and competitive location where orthodontists are on every corner.

The campaign...

Our campaign meant immediately differentiating Dr. Majeroni from his competitors in a meaningful and lasting way that would resonate with potential patients. Through a complete branding overhaul and a focus on crisp, clear messaging, Majeroni Orthodontics—now rebranded as Majic—would be poised for success.

We needed to help Majic skyrocket through the search results, working hard to gain ground against entrenched competitors for valuable Google real estate. And just as importantly, we set out on creating a fleet of valuable written assets that would effectively communicate Dr. Majeroni’s uniqueness and value, ensuring that potential patients call ASAP.

The results...

Klicker’s most recent Majic campaign is bringing in business like nobody’s business, and Dr. Majeroni is enjoying more leads than he knows what to do with. With numbers like these, it might just be time to open up that second office.

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"Without Klicker, I don’t know where we’d be right now. These guys have delivered on every single promise they’ve made, and then some."

-Dr. David Majeroni