Dr. Jones


Like many of our clients, Dr. Jones is one of the BEST at what he does. But his leads and sales didn’t quite match his expectations. Dr. Jones is one of Utah’s best plastic surgeons, but excels at breast augmentations—it would be our job to market him as one of the country’s top breast augmentation surgeons WITHOUT alienating his other patients.


From his medical center to his team to his results, everything about the Dr. Jones Experience is superior—and we needed customers to know that. We helped Dr. Jones communicate his true value online so that patients weren’t left guessing—and searching for another doctor.

Dr. Jones’ site needed to show that he was the undisputed expert at breast augmentations, but couldn’t focus entirely on one procedure because he could lose business from those patients. Jones’ new site accomplished exactly that, seeing a huge uptick in breast augmentation visitors AND a bump in other procedures, too.


People often associate doctors with being cold and difficult to work with, but we wanted to change that with Dr. Jones’ site. Jones’ content—from blog posts to landing pages to lead magnets—is packed with value, answering all of his patients’ questions in a friendly, lighthearted tone that melts doubt and wins leads.

Ranked 365

While Dr. Jones had some visibility on Google, he wasn’t ranking high enough to see any substantial amount of leads. Klicker’s search marketing plan propelled Jones to the top for his most lucrative keywords, leading to a huge increase in traffic for both breast augmentations and other procedures.


Before Klicker, stray traffic to Jones’ site simply left if they couldn’t find answers. We changed that by creating an incredible lead magnet that just about anyone interested in his procedures would enjoy reading. That led to capturing more emails than ever before, driving leads up more than 6x in less than a year.


Dr. Jones has always had good business, but nothing like what he experienced after a Klicker makeover. In less than a year, Jones was booked solid doing the procedures he was best at, which were also the procedures that made him the most money. We succeeded at branding Jones as a breast augmentation expert, and he couldn’t be happier.

4X more leads.