Humless came to us with a problem that sounds simple at first, but is actually all too common for our clients—offering a superior product but falling short when it comes to leads and sales. Humless’ solar generators and batteries offer huge value to a diverse range of customers, and it was our job to communicate that value.


With competitors as hip and well-known as Tesla, Humless had their work cut out for them. Yet despite the big name recognition, we knew that with a little hard work, Humless could carve out their own empire. We branded Humless as the easiest, most affordable solution to portable and backup power needs...and it worked.

Humless didn’t have the manpower to field a massive sales team, so it was up to their website to bring home the bacon. We needed Humless’ site to be incredibly easy to use and answer every single question a prospect might have—that’s the only way to sell big-ticket items when the competition is so fierce.


Humless creates products used by people from all walks of life, and needed content that could inform and persuade groups as diverse as disaster preppers and campers. Using unique landing pages to target each of those demographics, Humless was able to draw in even more traffic without alienating anyone.

Ranked 365

With Humless butting heads with established titans like Tesla, SEO was going to be a challenge. Despite the big head start of their competitors, we combined superior research and aggressive tactics to skyrocket Humless to the top of Google. Their meteoric rise isn’t done yet, and Humless continues to climb with no end in sight.


Because Humless wasn’t using any sort of lead nurturing software in the past, they were leaving money on the table...piles and piles of money. By staying in constant contact with prospects who weren’t quite ready to pull the trigger, we were able to deliver elite lead magnets and value-adding offers to finally close the deal with many sales thought “lost.”


After working with Klicker for less than a year, Humless was over the moon. The young company has already seen a 4x boost in leads and a big bump in sales, to boot. And as Klicker continues to build and refine landing pages through constant iteration, we expect Humless to keep growing at the speed of light.

4X more leads.