Dr. Jones.

Booking our client busier than he’s ever been in his life, creating a brand that exceeds expectations, dominating the search results, and becoming Utah’s #1 plastic surgeon.

The situation...

Dr. Jones ran a successful plastic surgery practice, but was never quite booked solid. Sensing that digital marketing was the missing link but so far disappointed with his lack of leads, Dr. Jones’ practice mostly grew by word of mouth—in other words, slowly. Like many Klicker clients, Jones just didn’t have enough time to devote to his patients and marketing.

Although Jones had a reputation for being one of the area’s top breast augmentation surgeons, his lack of a strong online presence was really hurting his chances at winning new clients who’d never heard of his practice before. Jones’ website left a mixed impression with new visitors that just wasn’t translating into the consultations his practice needed to flourish.

The campaign...

Dr. Jones wanted to be known as a breast augmentation specialist, and our goal from Day One was to show patients exactly that—without alienating people who were interested in other procedures. Dr. Jones’ new website perfectly had to showcase our client’s unique skill set without coming across as confusing or unclear.

We also needed to help Dr. Jones maneuver into the top positions for numerous lucrative keywords, driving an unprecedented amount of traffic to his new site, and—unlike his old site—manage to convert a far greater number of those visitors into consultations and new patients. In terms of traffic, leads and sales, we had to engineer a complete 180.

The results...

Dr. Jones has always had good business, but nothing like what he experienced after a Klicker makeover. In less than a year, Jones was booked solid doing the procedures he was best at, which were also the procedures that made him the most money.

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"I never had any real success getting leads and new clients from online efforts... until Klicker. The Klicker team created everything and now I'm getting hot leads daily."

-Dr. Trenton Jones