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Sam Lloyd

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Dr. Jones and his new site, UtBreastAugmentation.com, is one of our greatest success stories and favorite clients. A genuinely good guy, we set out to help Jones reach his full potential online and I have to say...we all came out ahead, big time.

Dr. Jones is an incredible plastic surgeon in the state of Utah. He's an ace at just about every procedure you can think of, but he wanted to be known as THE Utah breast augmentation specialist. Suffice it to say that Jones is now busier than he's been in his life, both with breast augmentations and other surgeries.

In order for us to pull this off, we had to perform major surgery on Dr. Jones old digital marketing efforts. Built from the ground-up, we redid everything. The result? Better Marketing. Bigger Profits.

Find out how we did it—together—below.


Everything begins with branding, and Jones' old site needed help. From Day One, we worked on redefining Jones' brand into one that removed all doubts from patients' minds. The old site was “good enough” in a sea of competitors, but we wanted Jones to be the best. Brand reshaping meant solidifying his online persona into an experience that transitions seamlessly into a patient's first consultation, eliminating all doubt from the second they arrive on his website.

Research & Positioning

We wanted to position Dr. Jones as Utah's elite plastic surgeon. That meant uncovering how other docs were doing it, and beating them at their own game.

Digital Strategy

Creating a great surgeon site means striking balance for your customers. We built Dr. Jones a brand that makes patients feel sexy without feeling trashy, is professional without feeling dry, and personable without feeling amateur.

Brand Messaging

No more bad bedside manner. Jones has a reputation as a kind, compassionate man, not just an elite surgeon. It was time for prospective patients to see that.


Dr. Jones' old site looked nice on the surface, but it just wasn't bringing home the bacon. Visually appealing but lacking cohesive direction, the old site was making potential leads confused and unsure what to do next. The Klicker redesign was aimed at synchronizing Jones' online presence with his real-life persona and medical facility—comforting, up-to-date, and the ONLY name you should trust to get amazing results.

Award-Winning Creative

Besides being super slick and simple to navigate, Dr. Jones' new site is one of the sexiest damn sites on the web.

Conversion Centric

Visitors to Utah Breast Augmentation now spend much more time on each page due to concise, common-sense design principles.

Mobile/SEO Optimized

Dr. Jones' new site looks just as great on the tiniest phone screen as the beefiest computer monitor, and it's fine-tuned to pass Google's rigorous usability requirements...all without sacrificing style.


Increase in Pages Per Visit


Increased Time On Page


Industry Average Time On Page

We've run a successful practice for a long time now, despite never having any real success from online marketing. Klicker showed me the power of GREAT marketing. I'm getting more leads and more new customers than I've ever gotten before - by far.
Dr. Trenton Jones


Dr. Jones' old site lacked strategy in the search department. While traffic was trickling in, the site was far from reaching its full (and deserved) potential on Google. Using the most in-depth search research and competitor analysis on the planet, we were able to construct both our content and web design around one goal—making a site that Google would catapult to the top of its search results.

Search Marketing Strategy

Google's first page of results is where the winners live. By studying Jones' old competition, we learned exactly what we needed to carve out his place in the sun.

Content Optimization

Old and new, we needed to optimize every single piece of Dr. Jones' content to make Google's search robots happy. Of course, that also means readers are very happy too.

Authority Building

As Dr. Jones' knowledge base grows, he steadily becomes THE authority on Utah plastic surgery. Authority generates trust, which generates leads.

As of September 6, 2016


For Most Profitable Keywords


Keywords in the Top 10


Keywords in the Top 100


Dr. Jones' old web copy and content was professional and reassuring, but it had the potential to be so much more. We built our content plan to target all of the common pain points and burning questions typical of Jones' patients, plus hit the most lucrative keywords for Google. It's a winning formula that paid dividends, winning over both Jones' booming new readership and the robots at Google.

Content Marketing Strategy

Dr. Jones' site was full of info, but visitors just weren't converting. We needed to find out which content was going to drive sales, which content would win over customers, and which content Google would love.

SEO Content Creation

Our content plan for Dr. Jones meant producing assets for patients, period. Using our SEO insights, we built pages and blog posts targeting all of the most sought-after plastic surgery knowledge.

Sales Content Creation

Dr. Jones' new content demonstrates his authority as a plastic surgery expert, leading to a huge uptick in consultation requests from blog posts and informational pages.

Clicks to

Dr. Jones used to leave a lot of money on the table. Much of his old traffic simply wasn't taking the plunge and setting up a consultation. We wanted ALL pages to sell Dr. Jones, not just sales pages. One of our top goals was improving Jones' sales funnel so that visitors were both willing and able to become new customers—the perfect storm for a massive increase in sales.

Software Implementation

Utilizing software like Infusionsoft, we aimed to harness Jones' incoming web traffic to maximize user engagement, and boost our chances of getting juicy new leads.

Lead Nurturing/Sales Funnel

Prospective patients not yet ready to take the plunge were kept in the loop, steadily fed a diet of pure, unadulterated knowledge until they couldn't think of a reason NOT to choose Dr. Jones.

Landing Pages & Forms

Crucial to our strategy was building out a fleet of hypnotic new landing pages for Jones' various procedures. Those beauties led directly into subtle consultation forms, which new patients happily fill out every day.


Increase in Leads


Increase in Sales


Amount of Referrals

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