Aluvii builds the best darn PoS SaaS for amusement businesses. Their product is so superior and so easy to use that it should sell itself—but we know that’s just not how it works in the marketing world. Klicker’s goal was to make Aluvii one of the first options people saw when looking for PoS software. After that, the choice would be clear.


Aluvii’s product absolutely dominated the competition, but the company lacked the brand messaging to back it up. We rebuilt Aluvii as experts in their field, with a look that felt like the best choice on both a logical and emotional level. By the time we finished, Aluvii’s brand stood head and shoulders above their competitors.

At their core, Aluvii was a team of guys who were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their industry, but they didn’t have the manpower to spend cold calling every day. With Aluvii’s new site, we wanted to create something that could work 24/7/365 taking new leads, so Aluvii could focus on making their product the best it could be.


People don’t always think of software as “fun,” but with Aluvii we wanted customers to immediately associate their product with ease-of-use and ZERO headaches. We wanted to avoid the common pitfall of explaining tech in terms of 1s and 0s, and instead focused on the value customers would receive after using Aluvii.

Ranked 365

Aluvii might have had a better product than the other guys, but when it came to Google...they were invisible. Klicker came up with a fast, efficient search marketing strategy designed to put Aluvii in a place where their product’s value could be seen by all—at the top of the search results, where they belonged.


With little traffic before finding Klicker, Aluvii didn’t have much need for email marketing. That all changed after the launch of their new site, so we decided to build them a fully automated sales funnel. Aluvii’s prospects aren’t always ready to buy on their first visit, but they come around eventually after multiple touches through our email campaigns.


After less than a year of working with us, Aluvii couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Not only were our promises coming true—Klicker was surpassing their wildest expectations. Aluvii now sees quadruple the leads, and finally makes sales online instead of wasting countless hours seeking them offline. Talk about fun for the whole family.

4X more leads.