Why Your Business Needs A Blog Now

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Your business blog is a hungry vortex capable of sucking in new sales from miles away.

Blogging puts a face on your company that people can easily relate to.

The best time to start blogging was yesterday, but the second-best time is today.

OK, I lied. You don’t need a blog right now. Actually, you needed one yesterday.

When you’re a CMO, it’s hard to take the word blog seriously. After all, aren’t those silly things for teenagers with nothing more important to do with their time?

Not anymore!

Not only should you take business blogging seriously, but cultivating and growing your blog should be considered one of the most important things your marketing department does.


Yes. Embrace the word, don’t try to use a different one. Blogging.

No, not blogging in the traditional meaning (writing meaningless junk no one cares about); but blogging in a way that sets you up to win more traffic, more leads, and more customers online. Many are calling this type of business blogging content marketing, but we’ll just call it being smart.

I’m sure you’ve heard what content marketing can do for your business, right? Here are 5 huge reasons why you should take your company’s blog seriously, or risk missing out on stupid easy money.

1. Blogging sets you up as an authority in your industry

Here’s the definition of the authority we’re talking about:

The power to influence others, especially because of one’s commanding manner or one’s recognized knowledge about something.

So let’s get this straight—authority sets you up to influence others. Do the math…

More authority = more influence = more leads = more customers.

So where does authority come from?

Authority comes from writing about what you know best and sharing it with others for their benefit. The people who benefit essentially place you on a mental pedestal. Being on this pedestal means you’re now their go-to in the future for information, purchases and further influence.

Using your blog correctly helps:

  • Educate prospects and facilitate their information gathering process.
  • Solve prospects’ problems by actively identifying their challenges and providing content with solutions.
  • Provide valuable insights and makes people like you.

This sets you up as a likable, trustworthy authority because you’re sharing what you know with others for their benefit. The more you care and share, the more authority you’ll win.

The best news? People buy from businesses who solve their problems.

2. Blogging allows you to capture more traffic from search engines

The more content you create, the more potential search engine traffic you’ll get. It’s that simple. Obviously you can be smart about it rather than just spewing content out like a broken water valve. You do your due diligence before you create, that’s how we get such good results, we employ smarter search marketing.

When business blogging is done right, there are 3 primary ways your content can work in synergy to start winning more traffic with search engines:

  1. Each piece of content you create can target a new SEO keyword/phrase and potentially capture new traffic.
  2. Each piece of content you create can act as a wingman for other keywords being targeted on other pages on your site, essentially boosting their ability to rank.
  3. Each piece of content you create can be part of an ongoing inner linking strategy (building up more authority with search engines).

All of these major SEO benefits start with a business blog and consistent, smart posting.

3. Blogging personalizes your company and makes you more likable

People are much more easily persuaded by people that they like as opposed to those they don’t like or even feel neutral toward. This has been shown over and over again in various psychology studies—we’ll grudgingly follow a ruthless dictator out of fear or a lack of options, but we’ll blindly charge into battle with a beloved general.

Fire sale! Cherry wood, 50% off! Everything must go!

So how do you become the George Washington of online marketing?

Obviously personal interaction once prospects are in communication directly with your business is what matters most. But it’s possible to back it up even further and take full advantage of this psychological principle on a broader scale.

That’s where your business blog comes in. Here’s how:

  1. Find the right people to set up as faces of your company and make them authors for certain categories of content you produce.
  2. Create a posting schedule and assign the right people to the right content.
  3. Design your blog so the author’s picture is in a prominent place on each post and make it clickable to a nice profile page.
  4. Make sure each author’s content is bringing personality, engagement and value.

Now your insight has a human face, meaning your prospects have something more tangible to latch on to. That translates into building authority more easily.

Sounds like a recipe for generating customers if you ask me.

4. Blogging gets lots of content created that you can re-purpose

Marketing collateral is a big deal. Sales collateral is a big deal.

When you have good collateral, life becomes so much easier for your sales team and the rest of your company.

There’s nothing new under the sun—don’t be afraid to re-imagine and fine-tune old content.

Blogging sets you up to have great collateral because you can re-purpose your blog content into other materials that can be used for various sales/marketing/communication efforts.

Take a few great blog posts. Tweak, edit, and manipulate them and you have yourself an eBook. Or take a blog post and turn into into a beautiful PDF your sales reps can send out to prospects. There’s 2 quick ideas out of hundreds of potential great ones.

The more creative assets your company has, the more options you have.

5. Blogging can help clarify and guide your company philosophy

Believe it or not, major clarity can come from writing. Clarity is also gained by thinking through content outlines, what you want to say in each blog post, what you don’t want to say, what angle you want to use, etc.

There are so many things to think through with each post!

After taking your blog seriously for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and so on, a business is basically forced to perfectly hone what they have to say.

Blogging can shape and alter a company’s philosophy and even their product offerings.

A small business starts with very little direction. But post regularly for 6 months and you’ll get a great handle on what exactly you do and how you do it—but more importantly, how you can run your business even better moving forward.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Start Blogging Last Week

There’s simply too much to lose by putting off blogging any longer. Every week you go without a company blog, your competitors are producing fantastic, helpful, persuasive content that corrals your prospects and shrinks your ability to win new business.

If you’re totally stumped for ideas, it’s worth meeting with professionals to determine the best path forward. No matter which industry you’re in, a blog is an incredible asset for propelling future growth.

Your competitors already understand that—wait too much longer and it really could be too late.

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