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December 19th

Why Great Web Design Pays For Itself

Why Great Web Design Pays For Itself
Article Cliff Notes

Stats can be misleading, but your conversion rate doesn’t lie.

Outsourcing your web design to an overseas sweatshop is a great way to experience skull-splitting headaches down the road.

Amazing web design starts promoting your brand immediately after visitors land on your site.

Well-coded sites are just plain easy to upgrade and expand alongside your company.

How much are you paying for your website?

Put another way, how much did it cost to design and set up, and to keep maintained? And how much business is that site bringing you?

No matter what your answer is, I’m willing to make a bet with you:

Your site’s design can be improved—and not just to look better, but to increase the growth of your business.

And a well-designed site pays for itself and much, much more over the life of your business.

Here’s how…

Focusing on People Over Stats

Do you want as many clicks and page views as possible?

Well, that’s only part of the story. Page views mean nothing if people are bouncing off your home page in 2 seconds because your site is underwhelming or confusing.

Great web design focuses on people, not statistics. How can your site best help your customers and prospects? How can you make the smoothest user experience possible? Can it load faster, look crisper or be easier to navigate?

A people-focused site is also a search-focused site—Google rewards companies who reward web users.

A people-focused site is also a search-focused site—Google rewards companies who reward web users.

More interested people translates to business growth. The clicks and views are just along for the ride.

Crystal Clear CTAs

Great, people are browsing your site. Now what?

You make them do something.

Your call to action is one of the primary reasons why your site exists. If your site doesn’t encourage visitors to become (repeat) customers, it isn’t doing its job.

Great web design doesn’t sit quietly, hoping somebody accidentally clicks on your contact form or finds your phone number.

A well-designed site makes essential information the center of attention—that means an approach focusing on sales, leads and brand-building.

If your website isn’t designed to maximize your business’ growth, something needs to change…because what is it doing?

We more than tripled MEGA LED’s conversions in under 4 months with this crystal clear CTA integrated perfectly into the overall design of the site.

Developing Brand Identity

Have you ever looked at your competitors’ sites and wondered why they all look the same? Or, maybe you wondered why another company is absolutely killing it, but just can’t figure out why.

If so, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to differentiate your brand and capture your own unique share of the market.

…everyone else might be doing something because it’s easier or safer, not because it’s necessarily better.

There’s no perfect, foolproof way to build a website—everyone else might be doing something because it’s easier or safer, not because it’s necessarily better.

Great web designers know how to craft a site congruent with your brand. That means your site will “feel” like it belongs to your company, not the other way around.

Companies who get web design right are successful not just at selling a service or product, but also at selling their brand. Ultimately, it’s your brand that builds loyalty, not just what you have for sale.

Avoiding Bargain Bin Designer “Repair Fees”

Our global marketplace means just about anyone with a computer and an internet connection can set up a “Web Design Company” and start charging people for “websites.”

Some companies are afraid or unwilling to spend more than the bare minimum for a new website, but being a cheapskate almost always comes back to bite them in the end.

It’s astonishing how lightly some people take their company websites. It would be like a chain of grocery stores hiring the cheapest contractor to install their plumbing, then finding out months later all of their water pipes are actually made out of cardboard.

Works great!

That’s exactly what poor designers do. They build shoddy websites with knots of spaghetti code, and they know by the time you realize something’s wrong, they’ll be long gone.

Now you have to hire a real designer to fix the original problems and the new issues.

Your website is the face of your business. Don’t take it lightly just because it’s not “real” in the same sense as a brick-and-mortar store.

Leaving Room for Improvement

Elite web designers know your business is constantly growing—heck, that’s a designer’s main goal.

Elite web designers know your business is constantly growing

Sites built smart can easily (and cheaply) be expanded or modified to accommodate changes in your needs and business strategy.

Need an eCommerce platform? Done.

Want a different contact form? No problem.

Would the navigation bar look better on the left side? You got it.

Good luck getting a poorly designed site modified without needing a total overhaul. Poor design costs money to change, money that should be going elsewhere.

Minimizing Down-Time

When something goes wrong with your site, it breaks. If it breaks too hard, your whole site can go down.

When it’s designed poorly, it can go down frequently…and for a long time.

Good web design follows the KISS principle of not over-complicating things. You can get amazing results and a fantastic site without tangled heaps of code, ready to snap at any second.

Do you think potential customers are going to wait around patiently while you scramble to get your site back up?

No. They’re going to jump ship to a competitor. And losing business because of technical difficulties has got to be one of the most frustrating feelings in the world.

Great Web Design Triggers Growth

The benefits of amazing web design are easier to visualize when you compare them to the costs of terrible web design.

But for every shady company offering rock-bottom prices for a new site, there’s another group that takes your business as seriously as you do. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.

And when you do, get ready to start making waves online.

I'm Sam, and I'm the founder of Klicker. My mission has always been to understand what separates the 1% of winning businesses from the 99% who never see results online. Klicker is my attempt to share these findings and organize a system to push a select few of those 99% into the 1%.

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