Just about everyone is on Facebook these days, and that means tons of businesses are trying to get a piece of the social media pie, too. Only one problem—most businesses approach social media marketing using strategy that lies somewhere between “totally awkward” and “completely invisible.” As you can guess, that's no how to make money. Social media marketing takes tact, finesse, persuasion, storytelling, and honesty. To get real results on social media, your company needs to behave like a real human being.

The online community craves answers, stories, and relief from whatever pain they're experiencing. They crave socialization with the companies they patronize, and infiltrating your customers' little corner of the Internet means acting like one of them. Create a social presence that puts people first, and watch in amazement as your customers expand your brand and influence for you. Get real, get smart, and get serious with your social media with Klicker's Social that Sells.

Social that Sells is...

Klicker is a Utah Social Media Marketing Agency & Firm


Social Media Strategy Creation

Utah social media marketing is really about getting back what you give, and Klicker gives a lot. Yes, you can really generate a big boost in sales simply by using the same familiar social networks you already use privately. So let's get down to brass tacks and chart a course for endless likes and bountiful shares.

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Total Profile Optimization

Success on social media relies on building out a great profile on each network, giving your marketing campaigns a sturdy foundation from the start. We'll create your social profiles in the same stunning image as your site and the rest of your brand, keeping a strong, consistent presence all throughout.

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Detailed Posting Calendar

Social media posting shouldn’t take a back seat, and deserves its own special content calendar. Regularly getting out in front of your customers helps build brand authority, making it more and more likely prospects will choose your company instead of another.

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Paid Social Advertising

Social networks make targeting specific segments of the population for advertising incredibly simple—and by specific segments, we mean the people that matter the most to your company. We'll target the consumers most likely to buy, buy more, and buy multiple times, every time.

Case Study: Dr. Trenton Jones doubles his sales with Better Marketing by Klicker


Specialized Content Creation

Social-optimized content delivers everything your followers crave, evolving from “just another company” to a part of their tightest social circle. Rather than simply re-posting blog material, we'll craft special content made just for social media for the greatest exposure on the most lucrative channels.

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Extensive Conversation Outreach

Want to humanize your brand, fast? Talk to your customers. Tackling problems fielding questions on social media is a quick and easy way to build up your brand's image and trust with little effort. Let's put the 'social' back in social media, and start reaping the rewards.

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