January 6, 2019

New CEO for Uptown Puppies—Here’s Where We’re Going Together

Sam Lloyd

Uptown Puppies continues to experience explosive growth, and its stellar performance means we were able to land a high-level CEO with tons of experience in the dog breeding business.

Meet Cesar, Uptown’s new captain

With Cesar’s help, Uptown is expanding on all fronts with:

  • New partnerships
  • Over a dozen new dog breeds
  • Expanded operations throughout the country

Because of the demand we’ve created and the visibility we’ve captured online, Uptown has opened the door to greater opportunities with other businesses in the online puppy space. Cesar is actively leveraging these opportunities to drive profits even higher than before, which is saying a lot.

Marketing creates more than revenue

Uptown is a case study of how digital marketing does more for your business than simply drive traffic or land new customers.

Because our marketing efforts put Uptown Puppies in front of the right people, we’re able to grow our business way more than we could alone.

It’s a real synergy that can’t be denied—contact us today to put your business on its own two-year plan to digital dominance.

Start winning.

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