April 12, 2019

Uptown Puppies Hits 56k Sessions Per Month. These Results are Mind Blowing!

Sam Lloyd

Uptown Puppies started out as a simple project—helping a local friend sell a few more of her awesome puppies to equally awesome families. In just a couple of years, Uptown has exploded in scope and ambition, first statewide and then across the entire country.

Have a look at our most recent Google Analytics snapshot to see what we mean.

Uptown Puppies Web Traffic

(click to enlarge)

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the VAST majority of our users and sessions are coming from organic traffic…meaning traffic we didn’t have to pay a dime for.

How did we do it?

A big part of our success was due to our organic search efforts. Here are the details:

  • 2 back-to-back, year-long organic search campaigns
  • Web design and content both crafted to get lots of love from Google and convert like a beast
  • Taking over lucrative local keywords first, outsmarting the competition before moving on to tougher national keywords

A few of the notable keywords we’ve won during our last campaign include:

  • Labradoodle puppies for sale
  • Maltipoo for sale
  • Goldendoodle puppies for sale
  • Texas Labradoodles
  • California Goldendoodles

And dozens of other breed/state combinations across the country.

Are these results repeatable?

They sure are. Why don’t you give us a call or fill out our form below and let’s chat about how to flex your organic search muscles.

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