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Some Of The Best Recent Examples of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing success

Social Media Marketing Success Stories

If you haven’t figured out the benefits of social media often translate into lots of dollars in your pocket, then do some homework, get pumped and then come back to this post for ideas when your ready to take action.

If you are already on the social media hype train, then strap up. This train is about to take off. As we go over some of the best social media campaigns ever.


best social media campaigns ever


1. Squatty Potty


One of the biggest problems with advertising personal hygiene products is that people feel uncomfortable talking about them, and even more uncomfortable seeing them on TV. Ads have to walk a fine line of making sense without grossing out their viewers, and Spotty Potty nailed the formula with perfection. This is one of the best start up marketing strategies ever executed.

Spotty Potty’s approach was both funny an non-confrontational, letting the company discuss an uncomfortable subject without the awkwardness. And yes, we’re still talking about a video that combines a unicorn with soft serve ice cream and implied bowel movements. Pure marketing genius, no?

2. Save the Children #HelpIsComing

Besides being aired on TV, the #HelpIsComing ad exploded on social media, gaining upwards of 50 million views in a short amount of time.

Launched during the third year of the Syrian Civil War, the emotional ad continues raising awareness for child refugees and encourages text donations and cooperation with musical artists to raise money for young victims of war.

The power of the video lies in reframing the plight of Syrian children in a purely western way, making the message hit home much harder.

3. Before I Die

Before I Die started when the creator, Candy Chang, lost a loved one and struggled to find consolation. With the help of neighbors and friends, Chang began a simple art project on the side of an abandoned house in New Orleans, with the phrase “Before I die I want to…”

In no time, the wall became totally filled as strangers from all over took part in the public experiment in catharsis. By now, more than a thousand similar walls have gone up in dozens and dozens of countries all over the world. What began with death is now a worldwide celebration of life.

Find consolation with the help of her neighbors and Chang took to art to restore her perspective after losing a dear loved one. Covering the dilapidated house with chalkboard paint, Chang stenciled in the line “Before I die I want to _______” and made some chalk for passers by.

4. Epic Estonia

We don’t blame you if you don’t know where Estonia is. It’s not exactly the most popular stop on the tourist trail. But that’s exactly why Estonia’s tourism board put together Epic Estonia, the total opposite of what you’d normally expect from a stuffy bureaucratic organization.

Through nearly a hundred quick, catchy videos using the hashtag #EpicEstonia, the nation showed off truly epic sights and activities in their homeland, from scuba diving the ruins of an underwater prison to exploring rooftops with a chimney sweep. Finally, Estonia was getting the recognition it deserved, all thanks to the addictive bite-sized videos it put out through social media.

5. GoPro’s Skateboarding Cat

Some people are saying cats are getting played out on the internet, and dogs are where it’s at. But not GoPro. GoPro knows that cats secretly run the internet, which is why one of their most successful ads of the last few years involved a skateboarding cat, and not a dog performing brain surgery.

GoPro’s cat ad blew away it’s other advertising efforts in terms of social media engagement, meaning either people just like cats, or their entire core demographic is made up of cat ladies.

6. Burberry’s Snapchat Pre-Show

Anyone who says they don’t like spoilers is probably lying. Some studies have actually shown that ruining the end of a movie or book actually improves the viewing/reading experience.

Burberry knows what’s up, which is exactly why they tapped into human curiosity to fuel one of their recent marketing campaigns. Just a day before London Fashion Week, the brand revealed their entire upcoming lines for both spring and summer through Snapchat.

What would have been a major faux pas turned into a massive boost with millenials, as just about any company willing to buck the status quote has found out in recent years.

7. Expedia’s South American Gateway

The travel industry is nothing without visuals, and Expedia sure took that to heart with their South American Gateway, running a contest on Instagram ahead of the Rio Olympics that scored an incredible 999 user engagement score on Unmetric. Flawless victory, Expedia. Well played.

8. Buzzfeed’s Tasty

Tasty, a social recipe platform garnered more than 14 million Facebook followers in just a short amount of time after launching by utilizing quick, punchy, fun videos and a dedication to social media marketing. The short videos cater directly to the tiny attention spans we know social media is so infamous for, and the strategy has paid off big time.

9. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens, a tabletop game that absolutely shattered previous Kickstarter records, is a textbook example of fantastic social media marketing—reaching 100% of its funding milestones in just one day on Kickstarter.

Their secret? Bizarre, entertaining art posted and re-shared countless times by die-hard fans. That’s the magic of social media.

10. Presidential Candidates On Social Media

2016 saw an unprecedented use of social media by presidential candidates, with Donald Trump in particular playing social media like a fiddle.

Rather than relying on traditional media channels, 2016’s candidates went directly to the masses on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where the facts could be delivered without the spin of sound bites copy-and-paste jobs.

The fact is, a huge number of first-time voters and young voters are on social media, and ignoring what basically amounts to free advertising would be extremely foolish.

And there you have it, ten of the best social media campaigns from the past couple years. Social media continues to grow and evolve, and companies continue to push the boundaries of what advertising really means.

As businesses discover how to differentiate themselves for fun and profit, the future of viral ads and incredible marketing case studies is looking bright.

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