February 1, 2019

How Much Does Design Matter? Monument’s New Site Reveals All

Sam Lloyd

Monument started off as a local immigration law firm handling a small number of clients. After less than a year of working with us, they were reaching clients on a national scale—and their new site design is one of the biggest causes.

Lawyer web sites—a dime a dozen

If you’ve seen one legal site, you’ve seen them all. Most law firm sites follow the same formula from more than a decade ago, delivering an underwhelming client experience and ultimately causing law firms to leave leads on the table.

monument immigration website

Our previous version of Monument’s site was performing well, but our team thought we could do even better.

Drawing from a year of experience working with our client and building dozens of other sites that work really well, we totally redid Monument Immigration, complete with:

  • Better sales flow
  • Improved images
  • Upgraded content
  • Better navigation and UI
  • Better contrast and readability

Did it work? You bet it did—to the tune of an 11% increase in form fills.

Design is a big deal

Design isn’t something you do for fun, or something you do to make your site look pretty—it makes the difference between getting a lot of leads, a few leads, or no leads at all.

All things being equal, design will make or break your business.

If you’re more interested in making than breaking, get in touch with us ASAP and let’s build you a site to be proud of.

Start winning.

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