April 17, 2019

5 Things That Happened Right After We Launched the All-New Monument Immigration

Sam Lloyd

Digital marketing isn’t a one-off tactic you can do and then forget about for the next ten years. We reevaluate our clients after every marketing campaign, look at what worked, discuss what could have been improved, and then take action immediately. Here’s how Monument Immigration’s latest cycle of marketing magic went down.

Meet the new Monument

To start off 2019, we decided to totally redesign Monument Immigration’s website with the goal of attracting more traffic and improving our conversion rate (numbers that we and our clients were already happy with).

To keep it short and sweet, here’s what we noticed in the first month after launching the new site:

  • 35% increase in traffic
  • 11% increase in conversion rate
  • 8% increase in calls
  • 10% total lead increase
  • Multiple keyword ranking increases, both nationally and in individual states

monument immigration website

Monument’s numbers were already great—but this year is shaping up to be spectacular.

Who doesn’t like more leads?

Far too many marketing agencies stop with their first attempt at a site, selling their clients short in the process. We believe there’s always something to learn and improve, which is also why so many of our clients stick with us for years and years.

If you’re curious what constant improvement (and a constant flow of leads) looks like, get in touch with us ASAP—we’ve got plenty of leads to go around.

Start winning.

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