March 1, 2019

Monument’s Search Rankings Are Soaring—Check Out Our Newest Keywords on Page 1

Sam Lloyd

Keywords are the bread and butter of any good digital marketing campaign, and nobody knows that better than our friends at Monument Immigration.

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Local, national, profitable—keywords as far as the eye can see

Monument Immigration services clients from sea to shining sea, making them a textbook example of how we dominate search rankings—cornering individual local markets first before moving on to tougher national terms.

Here are just a handful of the new search terms Monument has placed on page 1 in 2019:

  • Immigration lawyer near me
  • LGBT immigration lawyer
  • What is a naturalized citizen
  • Immigration lawyer Utah
  • Immigration attorney Utah
  • Gay immigration lawyer
  • Immigration lawyer Salt Lake City
  • Immigration services Las Vegas
  • Same sex immigration lawyer
  • Immigration attorney Utah
  • Immigration attorney SLC

Both nationally and locally, Monument continues to win the rankings our client needs to get a constant supply of hot leads.

Monumental lead volume

Getting lots of leads is great, but the heat of those leads is just as important. Luckily, our clients enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of only the finest, hottest leads on the web.

When you’re ready to really win the fight for Google dominance, give us a call—there’s still plenty of room at the table.

Start winning.

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